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    Core Planning Teams 

  • Core Planning Teams: Stakeholder Involvement 

    Effective school facility planning must be a community-wide, interactive process. To ensure stakeholder voices are included, the district will have a Core Planning Team at each school site (including early childhood, elementary, middle school and high school).  The role of a Core Planning Team (CPT) is to determine the overall layout of the building design and how different spaces and areas will relate to each other. This will begin by establishing Design Criteria for the architects to work from, establish required adjacencies, circulation, site concepts, and interaction of building users, including students, staff and the larger community. It is not about adding the detail for individual rooms - that will be incorporated in the next phase (Design Development). The purpose of the Core Planning Team approach is to ensure that the eventual design is truly representative of the entire school district community. 

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    Who are they?

    A Core Planning Team typically consists of approximately 12-15 members that are selected from a cross-section of the users of the facility. Typically, this includes staff, parents, students, and representatives of other groups who may use the facility. An open application for site Core Planning Teams was held in spring/summer 2015. To learn more, see links at left. 

    What do they do?

    The Core Planning Team is a vital part of community-wide participatory planning. The group is charged with the task of seeking input from the broader pool of Input Givers/Input Resources (e.g., a Wold representative would be tasked on the Core Group’s behalf to gather information from an entire department, to bring input back to the group). Representatives on the Core Planning Team could also gather supporting input from their contacts in the district and community. The group gathers information throughout the school district and community to develop the planning criteria. The criteria is a set of rules that are held sacred and guide a master plan, site or building design.

    Each Core Planning Team will meet 5-6 times according to the following general meeting plan:  

    • Introductions / Preliminary Ideas 
    • Tours / Common Language 
    • Criteria / Principles Development 
    • Continued Criteria Discussion / First Diagrams 
    • Firming Up Criteria / Diagram Development 
    • Diagram to Plan 
    • Finalize Criteria / Finalize Diagrams & Plans 
    • Recommendation to Board 

     There will also be scheduled meetings and updates to the School Board during the CPT design process.  

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