• Curriculum Resources & Programs (CRP)

    The Curriculum Resource Program (CRP) provides an enriching experience for students and alternative learning perspectives in the classroom. CRP covers a wide variety of topics, which present endless possibilities for students to learn from guest presenters.

  •  Featured Speaker: Chef Jeff Riley


    Executive Chef and Owner of Chef Jeff Catering, Jeff Riley, brings energy and passion to Edina High Schools FACS classes each year. Jeff, coordinated and assisted by his daughter Amber, spends an entire day presenting to students during their fruits and vegetables unit about his experience as a chef and demonstrating knife skills. Jeff illustrates how to use cutlery safely to make a tomato skin into a flower, a pepper into a decorative bowl for stuffing and more. He teaches students that we eat with our eyes, and not only are fresh ingredients and tasty combinations key, but food presentation is also a form of art. Being creative with colors to compliment and make an artistic plate is equally as important as flavor. It's also a great way to use and eat every part of the fruit or vegetable to cut down on waste.

    Giving back to the community and sharing knowledge with youth is something Chef Jeff and his team are incredibly committed to, and we're very grateful for their continued volunteer support in our classrooms.

  • Resource Speakers

    Throughout the school year, resource speakers visit classrooms and present their expertise to students. The CRP database is continuously being updated with new resources, providing fresh learning opportunities. Resource speakers are usually scheduled one month in advance, with the exception of some professional organizations which sometimes are scheduled months in advance.  To ensure enough time to secure a speaker, requests are required a minimum of one month in advance through the CRP department.

  • Themed Events

    CRP can also help find speakers for themed events such as Health Fairs, Junior Police and Career Panels.  Please note: themed events can take longer to organize, so requests must be submitted 2 months in advance to the event date.