Naddie Kinder
  • EVA Kindergarten

    Welcome to EVA Kindergarten! 

    Google Meet Link for all Live Meetings and Lessons for students in my class


    This is sure to be a unique school year for all of us, but I know it will be wonderful. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child, as we all work together to make this school year a success!

    Your "To Do" List:

    • Be sure to send me an email so I can add you to my email distribution list and let me know if your child has a preferred name that is different than their registered name. Also, please send me a "headshot" photo of just your child.  
    •  Please sign up for a virtual conference time with me for the week of September 8th!  
    • Be sure to purchase the items on my supply list for your child to use for their learning this year. In addition to this list. you will also pick up a supply toolkit the week of September 8th for your child from Highlands that I have put together for the kindergartners. These items, along with those you purchase will be an essential part of our EVA Kindergarten learning.