• Parent Leadership Council (PLC)

    The Edina Parent Leadership Council (PLC) serves to promote understanding of district-wide issues that relate to the education and welfare of students in the Edina Public Schools. Membership includes leadership representatives of individual school parent organizations as well as the Edina Family Center, Parent Communication Network, Edina Community Education Services and the Edina Education Fund.

    Edina PLC meets monthly from September through May, with speakers and discussions varying by agenda topic. Each meeting also provides time for representatives to network with each other and discuss common issues.

    While only official members of the Edina PLC as identified in the bylaws are eligible to vote on issues, all Edina PLC meetings are open to the public.

    PLC Roles and Expectations

    The Parent Leadership Council’s Mission is to promote an understanding of districtwide issues that relate to the education and welfare of students in the Edina ISD 273 District

    Who we are:  Representatives of the Edina PLC are: presidents or copresidents, and presidents-elect or copresident-elect of individual school parent organizations, and a representative each from the Edina School Board, the Edina Family Center, the Parent Communication Network, Edina Special Services Parent/Staff Advisory Committee, Edina Gifted and Talented Advisory Board, Edina Community Education Services, Edina Education Fund, and Edina Give and Go.

    Why we exist:  We provide a forum for collaboration among parent organization leaders for an exchange of ideas and to work to affect the best educational experience for our children. We also actively partner with the District and its representatives to collaborate on the issues facing the educational environment of the Edina Public Schools.

    With whom do we partner:  We collaboratively partner with the District and its Leadership.  We also may partner with Edina business leaders, Edina community leaders, etc. to obtain the best possible outcome for our children’s educational experience.

    What is our role:  Our role is to communicate with the following entities and/or bodies: district representatives, the membership of the PLC, the membership of our own parent organizations, community leaders, friends, neighbors, etc.

    What is expected of us:  Expectations are to include, but are not limited to, the following in regard to the membership of this body:

    • Be present at the meetings or send another representative from your organization
    • Actively participate in discussions
    • Be positive and respectful both during meetings and beyond
    • Actively communicate the information regarding our meetings back to your organization and the community at-large, and
    • Be prepared to provide feedback to District Leadership