• Academics

  • Art

    Jon Henricksen   Art x3377 email
    Jessica Lynch   Art x3376 email


    Beth Cornwell Coordinator AVID x3507 email
    Alisa Kappel   AVID x3417 email

    Engineering & Technology

    Jeremy Constantine Grade 7 Engineering and Technology (PLTW) x3348 email
    Kristie Kriss Grade 8 Engineering and Technology (PLTW) x3363 email

    Extended French

    Elizabeth Chaigne Grade 6 - Extreme Team Extended French x3319 email
    Claude Leroux Grade 6 - Tean Voyaguer Extended French x3371 email
    Christine Matlock Grade 6 - Team St Croix Extended French x3359 email
    Laura Mestler Grade 6 - Team Itasca Extended French x3370 email
    Nathalie Godin Grade 7 -  Tean Pacific Extended French x3326 email
    Pierre Schmidt Grade 8 - Team  Voyaguer Extended French x3356 email

    Family and Consumer Science (FACS)

    Joseph Pastoor   FACS x3360 email
    Karen Waters   FACS x3358 email


    Scott Johnson   Health x3354 email

    Language Arts

    Greg Grosz Grade 6 - Team Itasca Language Arts x3379 email
    Katie Higgins Grade 6 - Team Itasca Language Arts x3340 email
    Jonathan Moore Grade 6 - Team St. Croix Language Arts x3355 email
    Trista Virtue Grade 6  Language Arts x3378 email
    Laura Mestler Grade 6 - Team Itasca Language Arts x3370 email
    Kevin Mertz Grade 7 - Team Voyaguer Language Arts x3336 email
    Jane Andrews Grade 7 - Team Denali Language Arts x3341 email
    Leah Engelkes Grade 8  Literacy x3518 email
    Kelly Schoenecker Grade 8 Literacy x3430 email
    Margaret Smith Grade 8 - Team Pacific Language Arts x3352 email
    Rhonda Geere Grade 8 - Team Atlantic Language Arts x4949 email


    Reid Baerenwald Grade 6  Mathematics x3369 email
    Jennifer Hurt Grade 6  Mathematics x3374 email
    Chad Inda Grade 7 Mathematics x3310 email
    Hannah Groenendyk Grade 7  Mathematics x3500 email
    Meg Schlukebier Grade 7 -8 Mathematics x3424 email
    Emily Lenarz Grade 8  Mathematics x3353 email
    Brian Sannes Grade 8  Mathematics x3331 email
    Kimberly Griffiths Grade 8 Mathematics x3318 email


    Ben Fleming   World of Music x3500 email
    Chris Gumz   Band x3410 email
    Christine Dold   Vocal Music x3380 email 
    Dan Mollick   Orchestra x3315 email
    Melody Snyder   Instrumental Music x3515 email

    Physical Education

    Collin Bender   Physical Education x3386 email
    Derrin Lamker   Physical Education x3500 email
    Chad Schwartz   Physical Education x3395 email


    Brandon Carlson Grade 6 - Team Itasca Science x3345 email
    Alisa Kappel Grade 6 -  Science x3417 email
    Michelle Stein Grade 7 - Team Voyaguer Science x3357 email
    Tim Ronhovde Grade 7 - Team Denali Science x3366 email
    Beth VonEschen Grade 8 - Team Pacific Science x3368 email
    Alison Anderson Grade 8 - Team Atlantic Science x3411 email

    Social Studies

    Greg Grosz Grade 6 - Team Itasca Social Studies x3379 email
    Donna Klemenhagen Grade 6 - Team St. Croix Social Studies x3338 email
    Lara Wark Grade 7 - Team Denali Social Studies x3405 email
    Karen Uhler Grade 8 - Team Atlantic Social Studies x3373 email
    Kris Bangasser Grade 8 - Team Voyaguer Social Studies x3415 email

    Theater Arts

    Tony Matthes   Theater Arts x3827 email

    World Languages

    Chandra Erickson   Spanish x3596 email
    Melissa Norwood   French x3425 email
    Ellen Erickson   Spanish x3382 email
    Mary Rossini   Latin x3791 email
    Zhuo Wang   Chinese x4491 email