• Highlands Academic Overview

    Kindergarten & 1st Grade

    At Highlands we believe that social/emotional and reading/writing readiness are critical foundations for our students to be successful in future grades. Click here for more information about Kindergarten at Highlands. 

  • Continuous Progress

    Continuous Progress (CP) is a district-wide alternative program that offers multi-grade classes. Two classrooms form a "family" - one classroom includes 2nd & 3rd and the other classroom includes 4th & 5th. Students stay in their "family" for all 4 years with the same two teaching partners. This structure promotes student/teacher and parent/teacher relationships as well as leadership opportunites, self advocacy, family activities and parent involvement.

    Click Here to see a video presentation about CP presented by the principals of Highlands and Countryside. 

  • Discovery

    Discovery is our "neighborhood" program comprised largely of students who live in our Highlands Elementary school area. This program includes 2nd through 5th grade students and all classrooms are single grade level classes. While these classes will be only one grade, they stay together with their teacher for 2 years. We call this "looping". So a student would tpically stay with the same teacher for 2nd & 3rd grade and then have a new teacher that they would keep for 4th & 5th grade. We believe this creates strong student/teacher and parent/teacher relationships.

Highlands students learn about electric circuits.