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    Dear Edina Families,

    My name is Jason Potts and I have been named the new Head Football Coach at Edina High School. I am beyond excited to represent such an amazing community filled with many ingredients to lead a highly successful football program. I have been blown away with all of the welcoming messages I have received from all stakeholders. 
    This has been a very busy week, and one of the highlights was meeting the players yesterday for the first time. I am thrilled to meet quality young men, who are polite, driven and self motivated. Thank you for being a strong support in your son's life and I look forward to working with everyone. 
    I would like to share a few things as a snapshot of what this program is going to be like. I chose teaching and coaching as a profession because I want to give students an amazing experience that helps prepare them to achieve their goals. I was inspired to do this by the teachers and coaches I had growing up in high school and college. My goal is not only to give young people an amazing experience, but help them chase their greatest potential and be a better person in the process. This program will focus on winning football games and player development. I want to supply support to players academically, socially, mentally and physically. I believe football is a version of life, because there are ups and downs, emotional highs and lows, successes and failures, and adversity in every game. We can use football as a tool to teach players skills that can transfer into their lives. I will be a relationship driven leader in this program and support young people as best I can. 
    I am working on meeting as many people as I can, stay tuned for a meet and greet shortly. 
    Thank you again for selecting me as the Head Football Coach at Edina. My family is very blessed to enter the Edina community! I attached a picture of the new gear. My wife Angie (married for 6 years) Lila (4 yrs old), Avery (2 yrs old). 
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