• About Concord

  • School Facts

    Concord Elementary School is one of six elementary schools within the nationally recognized public school district of Edina, Minnesota. In addition, the state of Minnesota has recognized Concord as a five star school.

    Concord combines experience with vision to create an exciting environment for its K-5 students. Our staff is united in their commitment to the goals and beliefs outlined in our mission statement to help each child to succeed.

    Concord students exemplify Edina’s standards of excellence. Whether sharing discoveries in the classroom, pursuing learning on-line, or developing friendships on the playground, they are constantly learning and growing while enjoying school!

    Mission and Beliefs

    Concord School Mission:

    To engage all students in the process of learning.

    The Concord School Credo:

    Concord students A.S.K.* to be successful.

    • Attitude - a state of mind
    • Skills - proficiency; expertise
    • Knowledge - understanding gained through experience or study

    We believe that:

    • Concord Elementary School values partnerships among staff, students, parents, and the community
    • A safe, caring, positive and supportive environment enhances the educational process and the learner
    • Open and timely communication is essential for a healthy school community
    • The elementary school experience provides a foundation of knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm important for ongoing learning
    • Every person has inherent worth and can learn
    • Self-esteem affects learning and healthy decision making; learning and healthy decision-making affect self-esteem
    • Respect for others is fundamental
    • It is important to foster a sense of responsibility in our students toward the community and the world
    • Independent critical thinking and cooperation are essential tools for success in a changing world
    • Cultural diversity and global awareness are essential components of education
    • An understanding of and use of technology is important now and in the future
  • Concord Overview

    Grades: K-5
    Principal: Susie Prather
    Enrollment: 740 students
    Hours: 9:25 AM to 4 PM

  • Concord Ex

    5900 Concord Avenue South
    Edina, MN 55424

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  • Tour Concord

    Here at Concord we do tours for new families on Fridays of each week. Please use this Sign-up Genius link to schedule a tour.