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  • 2019 Insurance Open Enrollment is just around the corner!

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    Starting on Oct. 24 – Nov. 13, we will kick off the Open Enrollment period for 2019 insurance changes! Within this time frame, you will have the ability to add, change or drop your coverage for an effective date of Jan. 1, 2019.

     You will be receiving an email from PlanSource on the morning of Oct. 24 that will include your log in information and a link to the online system where you can make your election choices for the January – December 2019 enrollment year. If you do not receive your email by the evening of October 24, please check your spam or junk box. If you still do not see your email, please contact Janet.Bear-Rivard@plansource.com.

     You are able to log in at any time from October 24 – November 13 at 12pm and update your choices. There will be no extending this deadline as all carriers need to be updated with changes in a timely manner to assure ID cards are sent out quickly.

     **Please keep in mind that if you are not planning on making any changes in your enrollment OR have recently enrolled, your current enrollments, with the exception of flex benefits, will automatically roll over into next year**

     See the link above for meeting dates we will be holding at various locations within the district. These meetings are not mandatory but we highly suggest attending. All employees are welcome to attend any meeting at any location. Representatives from PEIP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, PlanSource and National Insurance will be on hand to go through specific changes in comparison to last year, and give you the opportunity to ask any question you may have.

    The district provides a comprehensive program including medical, dental, life, long term disability insurances, vision insurance, and pretax flexible spending accounts. Enrollment into these plans is available at hire and during the annual open enrollment period.  The open enrollment period will take place in November for the following plan year (beginning January 1).  You may also make changes to your insurance outside of this time period if you have a qualifying status change event, as defined by the IRS.

    Edina Public Schools contracts with PlanSource to handle the enrollment process and the reimbursements from the flexible spending and health reimbursement accounts. You should contact PlanSource throughout the year with questions regarding your benefits. Questions regarding payroll deductions for insurance should go to the district's Benefits Specialist.



    Janet Bear-Rivard
    Direct: (612) 256-0842
    Fax: 1-616-243-5606
    Tammy Knapp
    Direct: (612) 256-0843
    Fax: (407) 386-8142
    • All enrollments are made online with electronic versions of benefit packages. 
    • For status changes at any time of the year, including medical insurance for EM/E, please contact Tammy Knapp or Janet Bear-Rivard.
    • Also, consult the master agreement or guidebook for your group to determine your eligibility requirements.

    • Benefits 101 Guide from PlanSource:  Get started learning the basics about employee benefits so you are able to more easily understand what the district is offering you
    • FAQ FLYER from PlanSource: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Benefit Questions
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