• BSU Mission Statement:

    We, as the Black Student Union at Edina High School, strive to create a sense of community for African-American students, through an intellectual, cultural, and social environment where we can learn about our history and empower ourselves.



    What can the EHS BSU do for you?

    • Support you as you navigate the high school academic and social environments.
    • Provide a safe opportunity to develop leadership skills.
    • Support your matriculation to a postsecondary institution.
    • Educate you about African-American history.
    • Help you get involved in giving back to our community.


    BSU Contact Information

    Faculty Advisor:

    Sarah Jarrett (she/they) - sarah.jarrett@edinaschools.org


    2020-21 Officers:

    President: Esther Effiong

    Vice Presidents: Niyah Cameron, Carmela Cadja

    Secretary: Amalie Pearson

    Social Media Director: Hanan Abdi