• Health & Wellness

    The mission of EPS Health Services is to partner with families, teachers, administrators, nutrition services and other district departments to promote optimal physical and emotional student health for optimal learning.

  • COVID-19

    Information and resources for you and your family.


    We know that to be successful in life -- and most importantly happy -- we must also support the mental and emotional development of our students throughout their developmental years with us. Edina Public Schools partners with local providers to offer ease of access to support and we have a list of resources that can help answer your questions.

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  • Immunizations

    In order to attend school, students must show they are in compliance with Minnesota State Immunization Requirements.

    Medications & Treatments

    Whenever possible, the parent or guardian should make arrangements so that it is not necessary for school personnel to administer a medication to a student. However, there are cases when a student's health could be compromised by not getting medication during school hours.


    Students are screened in the following grades:

    • Vision: Grades 1, 3, 5, 7
    • Vision Color Deficiency: Grade 1, boys only
    • Hearing: Grades K, 1, 2

    Any additional screening will be done by request. Parents will be notified of students who do not pass screening.

    Health Resources

    A list of health and medical resources, as well as information sheets on common communicable conditions.

    Health Insurance & Emergency Services

    The district does not purchase medical, health or accident insurance for students. If a student has an accident, becomes ill, or is injured while at school or participating in district-sponsored activities, families will need to access their own insurance plans.

  • Absences

    When should my child stay home from school? What happens when a student becomes ill at school?

    Physical Exams

    We encourage periodic health exams since prevention and treatment of health conditions will enhance student attendance and performance in school. Students participating in school athletics must follow the athletic registration process.

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