2020-2021 Student Parking Permits

  • Parking Permit Information

    The transition to bringing both hybrid alphabet cohorts back to school 4 days per week beginning on March 22 presents an issue for our parking lot capacity.  Until now, we have been able to accommodate all students who wanted a permit in the high school lots.  This is because only half of our drivers were coming to school on any given day.  Additionally, we extended our first semester permits into the second semester at no charge.  Now that we are bringing all hybrid students in for 4 days, we will not have space for everyone to park in the EHS parking lot.  We will, however, have additional permits available in Calvary Church, St. Patrick’s Church and St. Albans Church so all students who wish to have a parking permit should be able to have one.  

    Therefore, as was mentioned back in the August 7 message about parking for this year, we will need to ask all students to re-register for parking for the remainder of the year and we will re-prioritize drivers based on the following criteria:

    1. Students taking PSEO classes (Post-Secondary Enrollment Options)

    2. Permit applicant is a 12th grader with current driver’s license

    3. Permit applicant is an 11th grader with current driver’s license

    4. Permit Applicant is a 10th grader with current driver’s license 

    To be clear, no students have been charged for any second semester parking yet as we saw the potential for this to occur.  We will not charge drivers until the new permits have been assigned.  The fee for a school lot permit for the remainder of the year will be $55.  Again, for students who do not receive a school lot permit, we will have church lot spaces available.  The fee for a church lot space will be $28 for the remainder of the year.  See time frame for this below:

    March 3rd at 8:00am until midnight March 7th:  Registration window for the purchase of semester 2 parking permits.

    March 10th - 12th:  Permits are assigned and students receive notification if they will be receiving a space in the EHS lot.

    March 15th - 19th:  Students can pick up their permits in the main office anytime from 8:00am - 3:30pm.  Three students at a time will be able to pick up their permit.  The line will go quickly.  Students can come before school, over lunch, after school, or during a student prep.  We do ask that students not come during one of their classes.  There will be plenty of time to pick up permits so a rush is not necessary.   

    March 22nd:  New permits officially go into effect and must be displayed on the rear view mirror.  The orange or blue semester 1 permits are no longer valid at this point. 

    Church Locations: 

    TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED FOR THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:   $30 - 1st offense    $60 - 2nd offense    $90 - 3rd offense

    • Permits are only valid if displayed by hanging from the rear view mirror. Vehicles not displaying a valid permit will be considered to be illegally parked and subject to ticket and/or tow (at the owners expense).
    • Cars that are illegally parked or parked outside of designated student parking areas will be ticketed and/or towed without warning. Students should not park in visitor spots in front of door 5 (main entrance).
    • Permits may be revoked without refund for careless or reckless driving, failure to yield, double parking, speeding, leaving campus without permission, taking underclassmen off campus, failure to attend classes, tardiness, and parking in undesignated areas. Students with revoked or suspended semester permits will not be allowed to purchase daily permits. 
      Lost or stolen permits are subject to a replacement fee of $30.00. Permits are not transferable and may not be resold.
    • Stealing, forging, or using a false permit will result in school suspension and loss of parking privileges.