• Student learning experience

    science project Edina Public Schools (EPS) has long had a reputation for providing a world-class education through rigorous academics. Our Next Generation Strategic Plan is focused on bringing that educational programming to the next level to meet the needs of current and future students who may pursue a variety of post-secondary pathways in an increasingly diverse and global world, preparing students for a workforce in which many of the careers have not yet been created.

    State provides foundational standards

    The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) sets academic standards for the education of all public school students in the state. According to MDE, the standards “identify the knowledge and skills that all students must achieve by the end of a grade level or grade band; help define the course credit requirements for graduation; and serve as a guide for the local adoption and design of curricula.” State and local assessments measure progress toward these standards.
    Minnesota’s standards are a blend of Common Core and state-developed standards. In addition, districts develop local standards for some course work, including world languages, health, and career and technical education.


    District’s Strategic Plan is transforming curriculum

    The core strategies of the EPS Next Gen Strategic Plan focus on three key areas: personalized learning experiences for all students, comprehensive academic programming, and effective partnerships with our families and community. The district has also identified six educational competencies that are critical to the development of the whole student and to their success in post-high school education, career and life. Curriculum changes within the district are measured against these competencies to ensure alignment with EPS goals and the strategic plan. In addition, program studies, pilot studies and stakeholder involvement are informing the district’s work to enrich the student learning experience at all levels.


    Commitment to continuous improvement

    The district’s curriculum is reviewed on an ongoing basis, on a rotating schedule by academic area. To further focus our curriculum work, the district is working to identify “power standards.”
    “The term power standards refers to a subset of learning standards that educators have determined to be the highest priority or most important for students to learn. In most cases, power standards are developed or selected at the school level by administrators and teachers… in schools that use power standards, courses and learning experiences are designed to emphasize power-standards content and ensure that, at the very least, students learn the content specified in the power standards. It is important to note that power standards do not preclude the teaching of other standards—they merely determine the highest-priority material.”
    The Great Schools Partnership, The Glossary of Education Reform

    The district’s power standards will offer another tool to help guide the district’s efforts to continuously improve learning for all EPS students so that each is able to achieve their potential and possess the skills, knowledge, creativity, self-worth and ethical values necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society.

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