School Start/End Times

  • At its meeting on March 19, the Edina School Board approved new school start and end times. The new times, which represents a swap of the current start/end times for five of the district’s elementary schools and both of its middle schools, will be implemented this fall for the 2018-19 school year. The change aligns with research showing support of adolescent wellness. Read more about the decision.

Approved Start/End Times

  • Next Steps

    With the decision of what the school start/end times will be and when it will be implemented, the district now moves to specific implementation planning to address impacts and adjustments necessary to accommodate the change. Such adjustments will include changes to before and after school care, activities and programs, as well as some changes that may need to occur with middle school and high school athletics and activities.

    The district has already begun planning for these modifications and now with the Board’s decision, will quickly move to the implementation stage. EPS will be communicating with impacted students, staff and families over the course of the summer in an effort to ensure a smooth transition in September 2018.