• How is Quality Education Defined in EPS?

    Continuing to Define Excellence for Today's Learners and Tomorrow's Leaders

    The Edina Public School District is among the top public school systems in the country for one reason - the quality of education we provide every student. Edina’s quality education is evidenced by several factors, including test scores, graduation rates, options and opportunities available for students, and ultimately, student preparedness for college and career success.

  • Test Scores

    ACT scores show the culmination of students’ academic progress and are a key determinant of college admission and scholarship awards. On average, over 95 percent of graduating seniors at Edina High School take the ACT as part of their post-secondary planning, and they consistently outperform state and national averages.

    The MCA tests are a measure of system accountability used by the state to assess a school or district’s alignment of instruction with state standards.

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  • Post-Secondary Preparedness

    Both Advanced Placement tests and ACT College Readiness Benchmarks are among the indicators the District uses to measure post-secondary preparedness.

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  • National Recognition and Student Achievement

    Edina Public Schools continues to be a state and national leader, evidenced by its numerous recognitions from organizations such as U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek and more. Additionally, students continue to receive individual and team recognition for their achievements in academics, fine arts and athletics.

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  • Community Satisfaction

    Annual community, family, staff and student surveys consistently show high support for Edina Public Schools.

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  • Student Engagement and Opportunities

    Edina Public Schools offers many opportunities and activities to engage students and motivate them to be lifelong learners. In addition to school-organized activities, students are encouraged to start clubs that provide an outlet to follow their interests in new and innovative ways.

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  • Consistent Quality, Continuous Improvement

    A philosophy of continuous improvement is fundamental at Edina Public Schools. In strategic planning, curriculum and policy development, and community engagement, EPS focuses its work on growing toward a future that is both challenging and exciting. Continuous improvement is what makes EPS a national leader in 21st Century education and earns the District high rankings and top spots on lists that measure quality by many standards.

    EPS advances its continuous improvement strategies while providing consistent academic quality that has been a hallmark of the District for decades. Sustaining this quality and reputation into the future can only be achieved by evolving to meet the diverse needs of students, who will live and work in a world that is constantly changing. That has been, and will continue to be, the definition of Edina Excellence.