• Campaign Finance Reports

    In 2014, the Minnesota Legislature adopted an amendment providing for the posting of finance reports on a school district's website (2014 Minn. Laws Ch. 265, Sec. 1) for a period of four years. This amendment was effective May 16, 2014 and specifically applies to reports filed after that date. Consequently, school districts are not required to post reports for elections prior to May 16, 2014

    Per Minnesota Statute 211A, a committee or candidate who receives contributions or makes disbursements of more than $750 in a calendar year shall submit an initial report to the filing officer within 14 days after the candidate or committee receives or makes disbursements of more than $750, and shall continue to make the reports until a final report is filed. Candidates and committees that have filed reports are included below. 

  • School Board Elections

    2019 Campaign Finance Reports

    The candidate filing window for the 2019 Edina School Board election is July 30, 2019 to August 13, 2019.  Although there are no official candidates until July 30, the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State requires school districts to post Campaign Finance Reports within 30 days of receipt. The following reports have been received by the school district:

    Linda Friede

     Julie Greene