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    General Inquiries

    Please contact HR Customer Service via:  



    Employee Verification

    Current staff with payroll or W-2 Questions, please log into the Employee Access Center.

    For other Payroll and Employment verifications such as:

    • Employment verifications (new employment, mortgage)
    • Retirement benefits
    • Work History
    • Previous employee/retiree paystubs or W-2’s

    Please email Human.Resources@edinaschools.org


    Access our online application system to:

    • View Current Vacancies
    • Apply Online
    • Continue/Modify Your Online Application

    Once your completed application is received you will only be contacted if you are selected to be interviewed. If you have questions regarding a specific vacancy or the status of such vacancy you should contact the building or department listed on the posting and ask to speak to the administrator responsible for filling that vacancy.   


    Edina Public Schools is NOT currently hiring daily substitutes due to safety concerns from the pandemic.  If interested in joining our internal Premier Building Substitute Team please apply online on our employment page.

    Equal Opportunity Employer

    Edina Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of EPS not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, disability, genetic information, or any other reason prohibited by applicable laws, in its programs, services, activities, or employment practices. 

    Licensed Positions

    Licensure by the State of Minnesota is required for all teaching and student support service positions with Edina Public Schools.

    Positions requiring licensure should include your letter of interest indicating the job posting number(s) for which you are applying, current resume, copy of transcript(s), copy of teaching license, and credentials*.

    *Credentials are defined as a college placement file that includes student teaching evaluations and letters of recommendation. If you do not have credentials, please send three letters of recommendation.    

    Judicial Leave

    The procedure for jury duty leave and payment is as follows:
    • For teachers, judicial leave is selected as their absence reason on the substitute system.
    • For employees using myView Leave system, judicial leave is selected as the absence reason. 
    • For hourly employees, using the myTime system the description of “jury duty” should be selected when logging time. 
    Initially, the employee is paid their regular wage. The employee should cash the check received from the courts. A copy of the court check stub needs to be forwarded to Payroll. A deduction from wages will be made on the following paycheck for the daily reimbursement amount. The employee is entitled to keep the mileage reimbursement. Employees may also receive parking reimbursement from the district if they submit the original receipts along with Form 7027-Employee Expense Report. This form needs to be forwarded to the Controller, Ra Chhoth. This expense reimbursement is paid by Accounts Payable.

    Re-Licensure and Continuing Education

    Edina's CEU committee is available to approve activities toward the renewal of teaching licenses for licensed teachers employed by Edina Public Schools and who hold a MN teaching license.

    Apply for a License

    Renew my License

    Look up my License

    Retirement/Resignation Process

    Retirement and resignation from Edina Public Schools requires the submission of a resignation form to Human Resources. 

    Retirement and Resignation Process

    Resignation Form

    Retirement Savings Accounts