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Talent Development

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Edina Public Schools is committed to identifying and serving the unique needs of students with advanced academic abilities.

For more than 30 years, the district has been providing comprehensive services that meet the needs of advanced students. The district’s approach to personalize learning for every student enhances Talent Development programming with teaching strategies that individualize the learning experience.

Each of Edina’s nine schools is staffed with at least one talent development specialist -- there are 16 district-wide. The specialists work together as a team, and in ongoing collaboration with classroom teachers, to identify student needs and develop a learning path that will maximize potential, all while nurturing areas of interest.

Through enrichment, extended learning, acceleration, and real-world pathways, high performing students are engaged in appropriately challenging ways that stretch and grow their abilities, imagination and academic achievement. Edina Talent Development combines a nurturing of interests and curiosity, with challenging curriculum that advances and motivates students academically. Talent Development specialists also provide information and support to parents on the unique needs of their student.

From elementary grades through high school, students experience a continuum of services.


Students are provided with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their academic strengths, talents, and interests. Currently, a combination of standardized test scores, classroom performance and teacher recommendation are used to identify student need for talent development service that would best meet a student’s needs.

Edina Public Schools has established guidelines and a process for evaluating students for Talent Development service. Evaluation allows us to plan and monitor service and ensure appropriate academic growth. Formal identification for gifted service occurs after careful examination of data and other information from the gifted education coordinator and building gifted education specialist. A student’s need for gifted service is based on a variety of factors. The resulting evidence of need may point toward strategic or intensive programming beyond the regular classroom.


Phone: 952-848-4910
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Deb Richards
Talent Development Coordinator

Jennifer Jouppi
Talent Development Department Specialist

Resources and Activities


Edina Talent Development sponsors a variety of extracurricular activities. Most are open to all students who want to challenge themselves, want to learn teamwork or leadership skills, gain knowledge, or just plain have a good time. It's a great way to get involved with a group of like-minded students. While there are many activities available through the district, those listed below are sponsored by Talent Development. Confidential scholarships are available. Parents or students should contact their school's advanced education specialist. For most of these programs you may register and pay online at our Webstore. 

Program Model

Goals: Identify and Serve

The goals of EPS Talent Development programming are to identify students with exceptional abilities who need academic challenges beyond regular grade-level curricula and to develop programming that meets their needs. A district priority  is to identify advanced students from typically underrepresented demographic groups, including race and socioeconomic groups. Talent Development specialists work with classroom teachers, parents and the student to develop a personalized learning experience that will result in the student’s academic advancement.