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Edina Virtual Pathway Gr. 7 & 8

Our middle school students follow a structured schedule that provides an intentional balance between live on-screen interactions, as well as off-screen independent work. Throughout are opportunities for interdisciplinary projects and collaboration.

All EVP students are encouraged to explore their interests and uncover their possibilities.



Edina Public Schools offers every student
pathways to possibilities.



Middle School Learner
Students begin their days with a “live” Advisory period. This is time for academic checks, goal setting, reflection and community building. Advisory is followed by Flex Time when students may have a choice in how to use this time, or teachers may select students for additional academic support or enrichment.
Most classes will begin with a live check-in, followed by independent or collaborative work time, and one-on-one support from the teacher. As students progress through the online experience, their responsibilities will grow in relation to the independence they gain by being an online learner.
Middle School Learner
Because of our focus on proficiency-based instruction, if students are ready for high school level content while in middle school, we have the ability to be flexible with course offerings.

Student Day/Sample Schedule

Online Success Workshop

Before the start of the school year, there will be a half-day meeting/camp. EVP students who will be full-time online, and their parents, will meet with their teachers, media specialists and members of the Edina Public School instructional technology team to discuss strategies for success in the online format. Students will be invited to complete a rubric similar to the Michigan Online Learner Readiness Rubric to help us understand the strengths of each student and find areas where students may need additional support to be successful.

The content for this workshop will be housed in a module of Schoology, our learning management system. It will be accessible to parents and students regardless of when they join Edina Public Schools. Components of this content will include:

  • Understanding your teacher’s Schoology page

  • Overview of digital tools in Edina and how to access them

  • Communication between home and school in a digital environment

  • Accessing resources (such as college and career counseling, mental health support, academic support, and calendar information) 

  • Introduction of digital learning platforms for online students

  • Who to contact for parents and students

In addition, our media specialists and tech paras provide support to students and are currently collaborating with our English Language Arts Department to incorporate digital citizenship lessons into both advisory curriculum and the updated English language arts curriculum, currently under development.

Middle School Learner