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Choice Programs

The Kindergarten Choice Program Form is required to enroll in all Edina Choice Programs. Learn more about Kindergarten at Edina Public Schools.

Edina Public Schools offers several Choice Programs throughout the district.

Spanish Dual Immersion

The new Countryside Spanish Dual Language Program is a districtwide Edina Choice Program that was introduced in Fall 2022! We are working to build a program with both native Spanish speakers and native English speakers so students have the ability to learn both languages together. Studies show students in two-way language programs demonstrate faster acquisition of languages, support one another in their learning, and experience higher academic achievement. Learn more about Spanish Dual Language.

Continuous Progress

The Highlands Continuous Progress (CP) is a districtwide Edina Choice Program that offers multi-grade classrooms.  In one classroom, students in 2nd and 3rd grade will be together. In another classroom, students in 4th and 5th grade will be together.  The two classes together are known as a "family".  Students stay in their "family" for all four years with the same two teachers. This structure promotes student, parent and teacher relationships focusing on the growth and development of the whole child. Additionally, this structure provides ample opportunities for leadership opportunities, self advocacy, multi-age activities and parent involvement. Continuous Progress is available at Highlands.

French Immersion

Normandale French Immersion is a districtwide Edina Choice Program that immerses students in a second language while learning Math, Science, Reading, Writing and other curricular areas. Because of the advancing skill level, entrance is most successful in kindergarten. Students at Normandale are also a part of a larger, international community. Over the years our staff has represented many French-speaking cultures including France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and Senegal. Learn more about Normandale French Immersion.

Virtual Pathway

Edina Virtual Pathway (EVP) is a 9th-12th grade Edina Choice Program that was welcomed into Edina Public Schools in Fall 2022! EVP is an online learning experience that utilizes the Excellence of Edina staff and curriculum. We provide a fully standards-aligned pathway with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of every student and family situation. Students will have a healthy connection to in-person sessions, as well as off-screen, independent practice by design. This Choice Program is open to any Minnesota resident student. Learn more about Edina Virtual Pathway.
Choice Programs