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Choice Programs

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Edina Public Schools offers several choice options throughout the district: Continuous Progress, and French Immersion.

Continuous Progress

Continuous Progress (CP) is a districtwide program where students begin elementary school as part of an educational family. A team of two or three teachers and a group of students will stay together over the five years of elementary school. The CP Program is primarily defined by four features:

  1. Continuity over a five-year period (CS) or four-year (HL)
  2. Multi-aged classrooms and “families”
  3. Cooperative educational approach
  4. Process-oriented instruction

Note: While the CP program does not begin until first grade (CS) or second grade (HL), it is recommended that students enroll in the program in kindergarten to avoid changing schools.

Countryside Highlands

French Immersion

French Immersion, starting with Normandale Elementary, is a districtwide option that immerses students in a second language (French) while they learn mathematics, science, reading, writing and other curricular areas. The program has four primary goals for students:

  1. Communicate in the second language
  2. Acquire the same English language arts skills as students in English-only programs
  3. Master subject content areas
  4. Acquire a greater understanding, knowledge and appreciation of other cultures

Note: Because of the advancing skill level, entrance is most successful in kindergarten.


New pathways discussed

Elementary parents joined a virtual meeting Nov. 17 to learn more about proposals for new Spanish Immersion and STEAM pathways. View a recording of the meeting. The School Board will consider the proposal at a meeting on Nov. 30.

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If you would like to enroll your child in the Continuous Progress or French Immersion program, you must complete the Kindergarten Program Choice Preference Form. If the deadline has passed, contact Enrollment for availability information

Note: Completion of the preference form does not guarantee placement in the program.