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Legislative Action Committee

About the Legislative Action Committee (LAC)

The Edina School Board developed a non-partisan Legislative Action Committee in Fall 2018 focused on issues impacting education in Minnesota and Edina Public Schools, specifically. The LAC has set the following goals:

  • To develop and propose legislative positions to the School Board, designed to advance Edina Public School’s mission;

  • To inform and publicize approved legislative positions and proposed actions to the Board and community;

  • To coordinate advocacy efforts throughout the District;

  • To advocate to state and federal legislators for positions identified by the LAC and approved by the Board.

Legislative Action Committee Session Summary

The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) of the Edina School Board hosted a legislative Session Summary on June 7, 2023, that highlighted the work of the committee and  discussed some of the newly passed education-related legislation.  Committee members were joined by EPS Administration who shared about the impacts those changes will have on Edina Public Schools.

2023 Legislative Platform

LAC Presentation to State Legislators: The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) of the Edina School Board presented its 2023 Legislative Platform for Edina Public Schools on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023. State legislators representing the Edina Schools community were in attendance and provided an update to the committee and the community on their legislative priorities and plans for education in Minnesota.

CLICK HERE to read the Sun Current article published on February 2, 2023 about the Edina LAC.

On the morning of Jan. 25, the Legislative Action Committee (LAC) of Edina hosted a breakfast in the Edina Community Center to present its 2023 Legislative Action Platform for Edina Public Schools. The breakfast served as a stage for student leaders’ voices to be heard on financial decisions among their school and government officials.

Click here to read the Zephyrus article published on February 2, 2023.

CONTACT INFORMATION | Each legislator shared their contact information inviting communication from the community with questions or feedback.
Those who have questions or are interested in being involved in the work of the LAC should email
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The Legislative Action Committee from 2023

The LAC includes administration representation in collaboration with Board Member representation, plus students and members of the community:

  • Julie Greene, Chair, Board Member
  • Dan Arom, Board Member
  • Janie Shaw, Board Member
  • Dr. Stacie Stanley, Superintendent
  • Jody Remsing, Director of Student Support Services
  • Polly Bowles, LAC Department Specialist
  • Kate Quale, Community Member
  • Michael Hart, Community Member
  • Bea Lyon, Community Member
  • Sofia Doval, 12th grade EHS student
  • Raja Chinnakotla, 12th grade EHS student
  • Evangelia Karoussos, 12th grade EHS student
  • Matthew Smith, 12th grade EHS student
  • Rowan Eggum, 12th grade EHS student
  • Joe Lindberg, 12th grade EHS student
  • Maggie Salmen, 12th grade EHS student
  • Kawthar Benarouch, 12th grade EHS student
  • George Rerat, 12th grade EHS student
  • Mina Bhargava, 11th grade EHS student
  • Regina Loria-Procel, 11th grade EHS student
  • Anushka Narielwala, 10th grade EHS student
  • Helen Chu, 10th grade EHS student
  • Alvi Buzar Barua, 10th grade EHS student
  • Aditi Jha, 9th grade EHS student

The LAC Lead Team works in partnership to support legislative advocacy through legislative priority development and Board approval, presentations to legislators, participation in committee meetings, and overall communication support efforts of LAC activities and events.

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