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School Board approves 2020-25 Strategic Plan

Aerial view of Kuhlman stadium with water tower in foreground.
School Board approves 2020-25 Strategic Plan

The Edina School Board approved a five-year strategic plan for the district at its regular meeting on June 8. Work on the plan began 22 months ago and has included collaboration with all of the district’s stakeholders -- parents, students, staff, community and administration -- who participated through surveys, focus groups, review sessions and planning teams.

The 19-page document, approved unanimously by the School Board, includes Mission and Vision statements and five Priority Strategies. Outcomes for each strategy are identified, as well as action steps, needed resources and process metrics. The strategies focus on academics, equitable and inclusive school culture, positive learning environments and whole student support, leadership development, and partnership with stakeholders.

Prior to the vote, the Board moved to include direction to district administration to develop a Gantt chart prioritizing implementation steps that “better reflects the Board’s priorities as it makes decisions in the current context,” referencing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on school operations. Then, Board members expressed gratitude and excitement as they prepared to vote on the new plan.

“This has been years of work, that started with a small committee in 2018,” said Matt Fox. “I am excited to get on with the work! Thanks everybody for your input across the board.”

“I want to call out the prominence that we have placed on literacy,” said Owen Michaelson. “We put a high priority on it, we are going to be allocating budget to it, going to be allocating professional development to it. I’m very excited about the general direction we are taking.”

“There has been so much work done before I joined the Board in January,” said Julie Greene. “I have a ton of respect for all the hours that went into this. It is exciting to be part of it in this phase.”

Board Chair Erica Allenburg thanked fellow Board members, Superintendent John Schultz, staff and administrators, and the community for participating in the process. “There has been a lot of compromise and that is why you have a board -- so you can listen to different voices and come together on a document,” she said. “I think all of our different perspectives have made the document better for everyone.”

Schultz also thanked the community for its input, staff for their expertise, district leadership for the development of action steps and an implementation plan, and facilitators Fred Seaman and Mirja Hanson who contributed to the process.

“I want to thank the Board for your persistence in listening to the community and to all of us, and for setting a direction that is best for Edina students,” he said. “And last but not least, I want to thank the students of Edina Public Schools for the inspiration and energy for this important work. This will influence their future.”

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