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Highlands fourth grader among top in Midwest for fourth grade on PSAT

Aerial view of Kuhlman stadium with water tower in foreground.

Highlands Elementary fourth grader, Yamato Takahashi is celebrating his recent success on Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search PSAT 8/9 test. Among fourth grade test-takers in the Midwest, Yamato scored number two in math and number three in composition. He will be recognized along with other students who have scored in the top percentiles by grade during the NUMATS Recognition Celebration.

NUMATS allow eligible students to take internationally recognized tests before the grade levels at which they are normally administered. The PSAT 8/9 test measures the knowledge of eighth and ninth graders, but it can be administered to students in third grade through sixth grade. Erica Wattson, Yamato’s advanced math teacher, recommended it for him. “I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to test out my math skills,” said Yamato.

Yamato used a PSAT study book to prepare for the exam. “My dad bought me the book and when I finished it I studied with Khan Academy, which I use every day at school.” Yamato took the exam in January when he was only halfway through his fourth-grade year. “My math scores were much higher than I expected,” said Yamato. “I was surprised by how well I did.”