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EPS students excel in National Latin Exam

Aerial view of Kuhlman stadium with water tower in foreground.
EPS students excel in National Latin Exam

Thirty-nine Edina Public Schools (EPS) students were presented with medals and certificates for their accomplishments on the National Latin Exam. Students who participated in the exam prepared outside of class by reading stories of mythology and history, as well as studying derivatives and poetry. EPS was represented by 60 students.

The exam, which is organized by the American Classical League, invites competitors from all over the world. This year all U.S. states and 24 foreign countries participated in the exam.

Congratulations to the following students:

South View Middle School

Oskar Sternberg, outstanding achievement award and ribbon

Divyesh Thirukonda, achievement award

Keerthik Muruganandam, outstanding achievement award and ribbon

Sophie Sannes-Eckhoff, outstanding achievement award and ribbon

Aditya Suresh, outstanding achievement award and ribbon

Jonathan Hou, outstanding achievement award and ribbon

Althea Barrows, achievement award

Kate Dunn, outstanding achievement award and ribbon

Valley View Middle School

Victoria Schuchardt, certificate and ribbon

Alexandra Meierant, certificate and ribbon

Alex Lundgren, certificate and ribbon

Angel Liang, certificate

Mandy Kao, certificate

Armaan Jain, certificate

Edina High School

Latin II

Myra Han, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Josefina Scozzari, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Stewart Schultze, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Olivia Sedarski, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Cora Adams, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Julia Barrett, Magna Cum Laude

Anna Wang, Magna Cum Laude

Harper Yang, Magna Cum Laude

Latin III

Jamie Yuan, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Calli Glass, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Sarah Bryan, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Linnea Shively, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Ryan Zhu, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Lissi Reid, Cum Laude

Latin IV

Anika Deshpande, Gold - Summa Cum Laude

Lucy Yang, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Brendan Polomis, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Cole Weinstein, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Bella Boeckenstedt, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Amy Wang, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Shrey Ramesh, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Lainey Patzloff, Magna Cum Laude

Calvin Christianson, Magna Cum Laude

Owen Brown, Magna Cum Laude

Romy Luong, Magna Cum Laude

Latin V

Anjali Aralikar, Silver - Maxima Cum Laude

Oscar O’Brien, Magna Cum Laude

Riley Masica, Cum Laude

Sarah Mansky, Cum Laude