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Edina Public Schools honors memory of 9/11

Aerial view of Kuhlman stadium with water tower in foreground.

Secondary students in Edina Public Schools will observe a moment of silence on Friday, Sept. 10 in remembrance of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. Principals at South View and Valley View Middle Schools, and Edina High School, will read the following announcement on Friday morning:

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of a day that we all know simply as 9/11.

Students, we know that you were not yet born when many of your teachers and your parents watched in shock as the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, were attacked. But just like other moments in our country’s history, it is important to know about it and remember it.

That day, and the days following, were heartbreaking and also inspiring. True heros prevented further attacks from happening. They came forward to search and rescue, while others provided assistance to the families and loved ones of those who were lost.  The American flag was everywhere. In the face of this tragedy, our country came together, and a feeling of unity and strength helped us all to get through it.

You will no doubt see and hear about the anniversary of 9/11 in the media this weekend.  Today, we want to remember the events of 9/11 with a moment of silence.

[20 seconds of silence]

Thank you all for the things that you do that help unify your classrooms, our schools, and our community. We learned on 9/11 that there is strength in unity and we should never forget that.

The marquee signs in front of all Edina district school buildings will bear the message “Remember 9/11” through the coming week as we honor the memory of those who were lost, and the heroic contributions of brave citizens and first responders.