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Edina Latin students showcase their vast knowledge at Ludi Romani

Aerial view of Kuhlman stadium with water tower in foreground.
Edina Latin students showcase their vast knowledge at Ludi Romani

Forty Edina Latin students participated in the annual Ludi Romani State Latin Competition at Minnehaha Academy on January 19. The students represented South View and Valley View Middle Schools and Edina High School. Of the 40 who competed, 14 students achieved awards for their performance in the different classical knowledge fields – many earning multiple awards. Students study and compete in areas such as Latin grammar, word derivation, mythology, geography, and history. The students work and prepare with Latin teachers from the district: Mary Howe, South View; Mary Rossini, Valley View; Katrina Budde, EHS; Emese Drew, EHS. The level of competition is based on the number of years the student has studied Latin. Here are the results from the Jan. 19 competition:

Level I

1st Place

  • Geography – Liam Johnson
  • Word Deriviation – Rohit Aralikar
  • Mythology – Rohit Aralikar

2nd Place

  • History – Evan Holly
  • Life and Customs – Armaan Jain
  • Mythology – David Kim, Shamita Senthil Kumar

3rd Place

  • Certamen/Team Competition – Evan Holly, Maclain Everson-Rose, Shamita Senthil Kumar, Henry Molhoek
  • Grammar – Adwin Shi

Level II

1st Place

  • Certament/Team Competition – Sarah Bryan, Zach Lugo
  • Geogrpahy – Zach Lugo
  • Grammar – Sarah Bryan
  • Word Deriviation – Sarah Bryan

2nd Place

  • History – Zach Lugo

Level III

1st Place

  • Mythology – Anika Deshpande

2nd Place

  • Certamen/Team Competition – Anika Deshpande, Cole Weinstein, Lainey Patzloff
  • Grammar – Cole Weinstein