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Safety & Behavior Guidelines

Students get off bus at school.

Discipline Policies

Misbehavior on a school bus is taken seriously. It can create an unsafe and/or unpleasant experience for everyone on the bus. It is distracting to the driver and does not begin or end the school day in a positive way for anyone.

Students in grades K-12 who do not follow district behaviour and safety guidelines may lose their bus driving privileges.

Student waving from a school bus


  • Smile!
  • Show respect to others (no teasing, foul language)
  • Follow instructions from the bus driver
  • Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus
  • Respect property around your bus stop
  • Help keep your bus clean
  • Help others


  • Push while getting on or off the bus or while waiting at the bus stop
  • Throw things from the bus
  • Walk behind or reach under the bus
  • Eat or drink on the bus
  • Bring animals, tobacco, chemicals or hazardous objects on the bus
  • Accept a ride from a stranger -- if you miss your bus, return home