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Pay-to-Ride Option

Students get off bus at school.

Under state law, parents or legal guardians of students who are not eligible for district transportation are responsible for their student's travel to and from school. In 2020, the Edina School Board approved a pay-to-ride option for families in the non-transportation area within the school district boundaries. (Board Policy 713, Appendix I)

Families may register and pay for bus transportation Aug. 1-15 for service in the fall. The fee is $350 for the first student, with a family cap of $525.

There is limited space on some buses. Pay-to-ride students will be added to routes on a first come/first served basis determined by the timestamp on the paid registration. Fees would be refunded if the student count exceeds the occupancy limit on a bus and the student is not able to be added to a route.

Register for Pay-to-Ride

  • In order for a student to be assigned to a bus route this fall, registration and payment must be received between Aug. 1-15. Any applications received after the deadline will be processed and take effect the first school day of October.
  • The Pay-to-Ride option exists for students within the city limits of Edina.
    • There is not a Pay-to-Ride option for open enrolled students outside of Edina.
    • There is not a Pay-to-Ride option for intra-district transfers.

For more information and to register, call Transportation Services at 952-848-4979.

Pay-to-Ride FAQ