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MDE Educational Benefits

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Applications for MDE Educational Benefits should be completed before school starts. Although Governor Walz signed the Free School Meals for Kids bill, we still encourage families to complete the Application for Educational Benefits form each year to qualify for non-meal related benefits. This can include bussing and discounts on fees for activities, clubs and tests.

A new application must be completed each school year as qualifications change. It is important to have this Educational Benefit in place as soon as possible!

You should apply if:

  • Your family qualified for educational benefits in the past -- a new application MUST BE FILLED EACH YEAR.
  • Your family applied last year but did not meet income guidelines. The guidelines change a little each year and you may now qualify for benefits.
  • Your household income has been affected by unemployment, health crisis, death or other circumstances.

Apply for Benefits Online

Families will now have the option to fill out the Educational Benefits application online. You will need to log into the Edina Portal and then Campus. Under "More" on the side menu, the online application will be found under "Meal Benefits." These step-by-step instructions will help families walk through filling out the online application.

Frequently Asked Questions