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Food & Nutrition Services

Students eat lunch outside

Edina Public Schools is committed to supporting a school environment that promotes and protects students' health, well-being and ability to learn by encouraging healthy eating and physical activity.

In partnership with Chartwells, our Food Service department offers a wide variety of healthy choices for all students.

Note: All meals prepared and offered by Chartwells K12 at Edina Public Schools do not contain any pork products and are free from peanuts and tree nuts. (Example: Turkey Ham Sandwich is made with poultry, not pork.)

Free Meals Extension

The USDA has extended the free student meal program through the 2021-22 school year. This means all students under age 18 may receive a free breakfast and free lunch through the 2021-22 school year, if they choose, through EPS Food and Nutrition Services. Student eligibility status is NOT required so lunch accounts will NOT be charged; all COMPLETE MEALS as listed on the menus are free for all students.

What comes with a complete meal:

  • Breakfast includes a whole grain entree, meat/meat alternat, two fruits and choice of milk.  Students must select a minimum of three items, one of which must be a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable.  
  • Lunch includes a whole grain entree with meat/meat alternate, fruits, vegetables and choice of milk.  Students must select a minimum of three of the five componenets, one of which mush be a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable.  

There will continue to be lunch account charges for the following items:

  • Ala carte items, including milk (i.e. the purchase of milk only)
  • Seconds on entrees
  • Secondary Cafeterias: Smart Snacks and other beverages (such as water, juice, tea)

*Plan to keep a balance in your meal account if your student(s) will be purchasing any of the above items.

Tracking Meals - Know your PIN

The USDA does require schools to track meals. To do that, some students will need to punch in their account code for certain meals:

  • Elementary and Middle School grab-n-go breakfast: No PIN needed, food service staff will tally.
  • High School breakfast: PINs required at point of service and will be charged $0.00 for a complete breakfast, but will have access to a la carte items.
  • Elementary lunch: PINs required/may vary depending on the school and grade. Students will be charged $0.00 to account for complete meal, but a la carte will be available (milk, seconds, etc)
  • Middle and High School lunch: PINs required, and students will be charged $0.00 for a complete meal. Ala carte will be available for students with a positive balance. Money may only be deposited into accounts at the point of service and change will not be provided.  

MDE Educational Benefits

Student Meal Accounts & Pricing

School Menus


Dan Hutchinson
Director of Dining Services

Alexandra Turnbull, RDN, LD
Chartwells Registered Dietitian

James Knittle
Chartwells Executive Chef

For questions regarding Educational Benefits, call:

Make checks payable to:
ISD 273 Food Service

Edina High School
Attn: Food Service
6754 Valley View Road
Edina, MN 55439

Apply for MDE Educational Benefits

Although qualifying for educational benefits (formerly known as free and reduced meals) is not necessary to receive free meals, it is still very important to complete the Educational Benefits application as soon as possible. 

This form qualifies students for benefits, including: free ACT testing; participation in College Possible program; college scholarships; some government benefits; and discounts for things such as Comcast internet service, and tickets to various museums.

You should apply if:

  • Your family has qualified for meal benefits in the past. -- a new application MUST BE SUBMITTED EACH YEAR.
  • Your family applied last year but did not meet income guidelines. The guidelines change a little each year and you may now qualify for benefits.
  • Your household income has been affected by unemployment, health crisis, death or other circumstances.
  • Note that a new application must be submitted each year -- qualification does not carry over to the next year.

Meal Fund

The Meal Fund supports families experiencing an unexpected financial hardship. Learn how you can access the Meal Fund and how you can contribute.