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Emergency School Closings

Snow Day

All unscheduled school closing, late start, or early release information will be communicated in the following ways:

  • Automated voicemail
  • E-mail
  • Text
  • District and school websites
  • Mobile App
  • Postings on district social media channels
  • Local Television Outlets - WCCO (Channel 4), KSTP (Channel 5), KMSP/FOX (Channel 9), and KARE (Channel 11)

NOTE: Cancellations of other programs and events will also be announced.

Every effort is made to make a decision the evening before a weather event as we understand the impact on families and staff.
Sometimes the unpredictable Minnesota weather makes an early decision not possible. We will announce a change to the school schedule as soon as we are able.

In accordance with Board Policy 807, all school closings and/or schedule changes are decided by the Superintendent or their designee. 

The most compelling reason for closing schools will be the safety of students and employees.Decisions to cancel or shorten the regular school day and after school activities shall be made by the superintendent or their designee in consultation with other staff, and may include consultation with local city personnel and neighboring school districts, as appropriate. The Director of Business Services and the Supervisor of Transportation will consult with the Superintendent to ensure facilities are able to receive students and busses are able to run routes. Decisions on school closings and late starts will be made as early as possible – either the night before or as early in the morning as possible.

  1st Snow Day 2nd Snow Day Learning Platform Learning Format
Grades K-2 No Instruction eLearning Day Seesaw Asynchronous
Grades 3-5 No Instruction eLearning Day Schoology Asynchronous
Grades 6-12 eLearning Day eLearning Day Schoology Asynchronous


School Closings: Frequently Asked Questions

The plan to implement e-Learning Days has been in place since Fall 2019. In 2017, State Legislation amended the Length of School Year; Hours of Instruction (Minn. Stat. § 120A.41) to include the option of e-Learning Days due to inclement weather. The School Board approved the District’s e-Learning Day plan in July 2019.

e-Learning Days: Frequently Asked Questions