2018-19 School Start End Times Study

  • Noting that the current schedule was implemented as a one-year option to allow for further study, the School Board directed Superintendent Schultz to develop a study process in which schedules for 2018-19 and beyond could be reviewed and approved.

    The second phase of the School Start/End Times Study began earlier this fall with a review of the 2016-17 study and an updated transportation efficiency study to assess current operations and updated ridership data given the changes in start/end times and new grade configurations.

    Recognizing that no start/end time schedule will meet the needs of all students and families, the Edina School Board and district leadership are committed to finding the solution that best meets the needs of students, builds on data and research on the effects of sleep and school times on children, and aligns with current district resources.

  • JAN. 18, 2018

    The draft administrative recommendation as shared at the School Board work session on Jan. 18, 2018, included a recommendation to flip elementary and middle school start/end times from their current schedule. 


    On January 17, 2018, district Lead Team and site Principals met to discuss Start and End times. The meeting provided the opportunity to share the start and end times of the schools in the proposed three tier transportation schedule. Administrators clearly saw that the change is providing middle school learners a later time to start school, and elementary school learners an earlier starting time. District administrators (Lead Team and Principals) support the recommendation made in this report to place middle school start times later and elementary start times earlier. Administrators saw this as an educational change that is supported in research. It should be noted that this change makes good common sense. 

    Based on past and current administrative study, Edina administrators recommend that students will be better served when middle school students start school later (third tier) and elementary school students start earlier (first tier). 

  • About the Study

    • WHAT - Phase Two of the School Start/End Times Study to advance further study and decide on schedule for 2018-19 and beyond
    • WHO - While facilitated by the School Board and Superintendent Schultz, Phase Two of the School Start/End Times Study will consider the impact of schedules on all stakeholders including families and staff, but most importantly will focus on the needs of students and their learning and engagement.
    • WHY - The outcome of the 2016-17 study ended with a one-year solution with agreement on further study. A change from the previous schedule was needed to implement the shift of ninth grade to the high school, which limited the district’s ability to maintain the previous schedule without significant increase in cost. 
    • HOW - The School Board and Superintendent Schultz will develop a process that allows for stakeholder input and data gathering that builds off of the research and input collected in Phase One (2016-17).
    • WHEN - In order to address the one time budget enhancement for the 2017-18 schedule and to allow for ample study, the School Board is reviewing whether changes need to made for 2018-19 and beyond that align with fiscal conditions and the latest research. See the study timeline.

Study Updates

  • Jan. 18 | Administrative Recommendation

    The Edina School Board continued its study of school start/end times with a discussion of an administrative recommendation of a three-tier schedule that would flip elementary and middle school start/end times. Discussion included benefits and challenges of the proposal and sought direction from the Board on next steps. View proposed bus schedule.

  • Nov. 27 | Public Hearing

    The Edina School Board hosted a special public hearing to collect insights from students, families and staff about the benefits and challenges of the current schedule as well as additional questions and concerns to be considered as the district evaluates future options. View a summary of listening session input.

  • Nov. 9 | Research and Process

    As the School Board continues its review of Start and End Times, this report provides another review of research on how start and end times will or will not impact a student’s experiences in school.

    Sept. 25 | Proposed Transportation Efficiency Study

    In July and September, 2017, the School Board requested a transportation efficiency study to review the new schedule and analyze other potential schedules.