• Student Support Services

  • ML

    Nicole Schweigert Room 14A ML Teacher x4693 email  website
    Abe Wofse Room 14C ML Teacher x4661 email  
    Amanda Rieckenberg   ML Teacher  X4684 email  

    Food and Nutrition

     Sandy Loop  Room 6B Chartwells - CN x4637 email  

    Gifted Education

    Gina Felton Room 12 Math Gifted Education
    Young Scholars
    x4663 email


    Jenna Silber Room 14 Language Arts Gifted Education, Young Scholars x4629 email  

    Health Services

    Lauren McNamara  3A School Nurse x4656 email  
    Ann Little  3 School Nurse      
    Leslie Bourgeault  3 Health Service Associate x4605 email  

    Learning Support

    Jen Baumgarten Room 28A Reading Learning Specialist x4626 email  website
    Martha Palm Room 28B Math Learning Specialist x4609 email  website

    Media Center

    Sherron Gaughan Room 2A/B Media Specialist x4620 email  website
    Kathy Masterman Room 2A Media Assistant x4621 email  
    Rod Nerdahl Room 2A/B Computer Paraprofessional x4623 email  

    Social Worker

    Dana Niklaus Room 1B Social Worker x4658 email website

    Special Services

    Mollie Kaping Room 10B Special Ed Teacher x4614 email  
    Chelsey Fenyak Room 13 Special Ed Teacher x4892 email  
    Kristine Maher Room 11 Special Ed Teacher x4676 email  
    Jill Manzetti Room 10C Special Ed Teacher x4614 email  
    Diane Swenson Room 10D Special Ed Teacher x4607 email  
    Lindsey Cavallaro Room 28D Speech Language Pathologist x4643 email  
    Lynne Clarke Room 57 Adapted Physical Education x4657 email  
    Makena Bergeron Room 9A Adapted Physical Education x4659 email  
    Sarah Bergstrom Room  Autism Specialist x4033 email  
    Hawley Mathieson Room Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher x4218 email  
    Aly Magstadt Room  Occupational Therapist x4662 email  
    Amy Lindahl Room 1C Psychologist x4624 email  
    Lauren Crowley Room  Speech Language Pathologist x4638 email  

    Success Center

    Molly O'Keefe Room 60 Success Center Lead Teacher x4613 email  

    Title 1

    Patrick Burley Room 28E Title 1   email  
    Virginia Wiandt Room 28 Title 1 x7602 email  
    Deb Carlson   Title 1   email  website


    Debbie Trebesch   Dispatcher x4979 email  

    Custodial Supervisor

    Lee Yang Room 39   x4698 email