• Did you know?

    The 2021 Technology Levy and Bond Issue will impact the student experience and everyday learning throughout the district in many different ways. Here are just a few. For more information about the technology levy and bond issue, visit the 2021 Technology Levy and Bond Issue home page.

  • Concord Media Specialist Laurie Holland with little blue robots

    Did you know that the Technology Levy funds the salaries of the district’s Media Specialists? Edina Public Schools has nine Media Specialists district wide and is one of few districts with a media specialist in every school. Media Specialists are an important part of Edina students’ academic experience. They teach safe digital citizenship practices, provide physical and virtual information to enhance learning, and create extended relationships with students that last for many years. Above, Concord Media Specialist Laurie Holland uses robots Dash and Dot to introduce students to coding.

     Students gathered around large video screen talking to an expert.

    Did you know that district technology helps Edina students connect beyond the classroom and virtually travel the world? Cornelia students have visited with scientists at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, EHS Rotary Global Scholar students partnered with peers around the world as part of the Model G20 Youth Leadership Summit, and during Flex Time South View students meet with experts and entrepreneurs who share real life learning. This year, Normandale students did not miss out on the benefit of having native speaking French interns -- they connected via technology.

  • common sense education logo

    Did you know that Edina Public Schools is Common Sense Certified? Common Sense Education is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping schools and students make smart and responsible choices in their use of technology. It provides training for Media Specialists and curriculum around topics such as digital footprint, media balance, cyberbullying, online privacy, news and media literacy and 21st century skills. All EPS Media Specialists and all schools are Common Sense Certified. Check out this Wednesday Digital Wisdom that is shared by with secondary students and parents. EPS believes technology is a powerful learning tool and we are committed to using it with intentionality and teaching our students to do the same.

     students crowd around a map laid out on the floor

    Did you know that Microsoft’s Skype in the Classroom helps elementary students put their geography learning into practice? Utilizing the Skype app, students have educational experiences such as tours of landmarks and video calls with guest speakers. At Cornelia Elementary, Sherron Gaughan coordinates with a teacher in another state to set a Skype meeting for their classes. Once connected, the classes take turns asking yes/no questions to try to figure out where the other school is located. Questions such as “Is your state west of the Mississippi?” and “Does your state border a Great Lake?” help students hone in on the area of the country where the other class resides. Students also use visual clues from the Skype call, such as what they see outside the classroom windows and the type of clothing students are wearing. “Mystery Skype builds students’ cultural awareness, critical thinking, and geography skills. They have to ask strategic questions of the other class dependent on their previous answer,” said Gaughan. The Technology Levy funds opportunities for Edina students to discover and explore beyond the classroom.


  • Student in wheelchair exits bus via chair lift

    Did you know that special education buses are stored in heated garage stalls? Some students with special needs are sensitive to temperature extremes. Heated parking helps ensure the buses are comfortable, especially in the winter. Also, special education buses have wheelchair lifts which are susceptible to freezing up in uncontrolled temperature conditions. The Bond Issue will fund an expansion of the bus garage to accommodate appropriate storage of more special education buses as we expand the fleet to better serve Edina students.

    Video view of person asking for building entry

    Did you know that Technology Levy funding supports safety and security systems across the district? An important piece of district wide construction over the past five years was installment of video intercoms at each school allowing front office employees to monitor who enters our buildings when students are present. The district’s security system also includes 276 security cameras and 266 electronic doors. Cybersecurity is just as important as physical safety. The district’s system monitors 23,000+ registered network devices, 30 data closets, 520 wireless access points and 6,500 switch ports. The safety and security of Edina students and employees in our schools is a top priority and technology plays an important role in that effort.