• 2021 Bond Issue

    The 2021 Bond Issue is an appeal for $7 million in funding through the sale of 20-year bonds that is earmarked for specific facility improvements. These projects would be slated for completion in Summer 2022.

    Transportation Facilities

    To improve service to Edina special education students and families, and to provide a cost-savings over time, the district wishes to bring all special education transportation in-district. (Currently 14 special education routes are contracted to other transportation providers.) To protect an investment in additional buses, the district would issue bonds that would generate funding for an expansion of the bus garage:

    • Addition of 5 enclosed, non-heated bus bays on south side of building
    • Expansion in current facility of heated bus stall area used for special education buses

    Creek Valley and Countryside Elementary Schools

    The current layout at these sites mixes bus areas with parent dropoff/pickup space, and are also connected to the staff parking lot.

    • Proposed projects would reconfigure to create dedicated zones for all three functions to alleviate congestion and improve vehicular, pedestrian and bike safety. Parking space would be expanded and lighting improved.

    Valley View Middle School

    The current entry point to the parking lot does not align with city guidelines and creates traffic congestion at the entry point and poor traffic circulation patterns within the lot.

    • Proposed project would redesign internal flow and entry point, as well as address physical deterioration of the lot and replace lighting.
    • *A portion of the work at Valley View qualifies for funding under the districts long term factilities management funding. The bond issue will cover the remaining portion that cannot be assigned to the LTFM.

    Tax Impact

    The tax impact of the levy is based on property value. Here is how the $7 million levy would impact taxpayers annually:

    Bone Issue Tax Impact  

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    Property Tax Information Site

    This site provides information for district taxpayers regarding how the technology levy and bond issue may affect your property taxes. The site was prepared in cooperation with Ehlers, the district's independent municipal advisor. If you have questions about the information provided on the Property Tax Information Site, please contact Ehlers using the information provided.

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