• Voter Information

    Polling Places

    These polling sites will be open for in-person voting on Tuesday, May 11, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Precinct 1B
    Chapel Hills Church, 6512 Vernon Avenue Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 2
    Highlands Elementary School, 5505 Doncaster Way Edina, Minnesota

    Precent 3
    Mercy Commons Covenant Church, 4201 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 4
    Edina Morningside Church, 4201 Morningside Road Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 5
    Good Samaritan Church, 5730 Grove Street Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 6
    Countryside Elementary School, 5701 Benton Avenue Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 7
    Normandale Lutheran Church, 6100 Normandale Road Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 8
    South View Middle School, 4725 South View Lane Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 9
    Concord Elementary School, 5900 Concord Avenue Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 10
    St. Alban’s Church, 6716 Gleason Road Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 11
    New City Covenant Church, 6400 Tracy Avenue Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 12
    Arneson Acres Park, 4711 West 70th Street Edina, Minnesota

    Precincts 13, 16, 17 & 18
    Cornelia Elementary School, 7000 Cornelia Drive Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 14
    Edina Community Lutheran Church, 4113 West 54th Street Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 15
    Church of St. Patrick, 6820 St. Patrick’s Lane, Edina, Minnesota

    Precinct 19
    Calvary Lutheran Church 6817 Antrim Road, Edina, Minnesota

    City of Bloomington Voters
    School District voters residing in the City of Bloomington in Precincts 17 & 18
    Cornelia Elementary School, 7000 Cornelia Drive, Edina, Minnesota

    City of St. Louis Park Voters
    School District voters residing in the City of St. Louis Park
    Edina Morningside Community Church, 4201 Morningside Road, Edina, Minnesota


  • Early Voting Available

    Residents of the Edina school district may cast their ballot before May 11 at Edina City Hall. Please check this City webpage for details about Absentee and Early Voting.

    Vote In-person May 11

    Polls open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Don't Know Where to Vote?

    Check the Minnesota Secretary of State's Polling Place Finder

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