• This camp is a unique instructional camp for basketball players. A low coach-to-player ratio provides advanced and beginner players a place to practice the step-by-step and repetitive techniques that will build individual basketball skills.The camp is directed and coached by Joe Burger, the Edina Boys' Head Basketball Coach, EHS assistant coaches, Brian Jungwirth and Mahad Haji, as well as numerous past and present Hornet varsity basketball players

    K-1st Grade Camp 

    2nd-3rd Grade Camp 

    4th-5th Grade Camp 

    6th-7th Grade Camp 

    8th-9th Grade Camp 

    The main purpose of the league is to give youth players the opportunity to play basketball during the summer. Different than the Edina Basketball Skills Camp, Summer League provides a setting which is competitive and structured– only full court, 5-on-5 games will be played during the sessions. Teams are put together by the coaching staff and a tournament is put together the final three days as players compete for prizes.

    4th-5th Grade Summer League 

    6th-7th Grade Summer League 

    8th-9th Grade Summer League