• Learning for All

    Edina Community Education partners with the city and Community Education programs in Bloomington, Eden Prairie and Richfield to meet the continued education needs of a wide variety of learners. 
  • English as a Second Language

    Metro South offers ESL classes at many different levels to adult learners from a variety of countries. We have classrooms in the cities of Richfield, Edina, Bloomington, and Eden Prairie. Classes are offered Monday through Saturday. Day and evening classes are available.  Students take a placement test and then are placed in a class that best meets their needs.

    Diploma Program

    The Metro South Under 21 Diploma Program recognizes that the uniqueness of the individual and life circumstances create the need for an alternative to the traditional school setting.

    Our program is designed for those who have fallen behind in high school, who desire to attend a program which better fits their individual needs, and for those who have dropped out and want to return to complete their high school education.


    Metro South offers preparation in all five areas of the General Education Development exam. These classes, small groups, and tutors help learners improve their reading, writing, and math skills in a supportive environment.

    Metro South offers classes both in the daytime and in the evening for adult learners (over 20 years of age) who are working to complete the requirements of a high school diploma. There are three periods of class each day. Not all students take a full-load. 

    Basic Skills Program

    Metro South assists adult learners with specific goals of learning to read better, learning math skills, and improving writing abilities. Some learners need to brush up their skills before taking a trade test or school entrance exam; others are learning new information for the first time. The basic skills program allows learners to work at their own pace in a supportive environment.

    Family Literacy

    Metro South partners with the Pond Family Center in offering family literacy classes through the Metro South Family School.  Parents study English and participate in a parenting education class.  Students must meet certain criteria to qualify for this program and receive child care and transportation.


    The Learning Exchange offers a variety of customized classes and special events, as well as training and accommodations to include adults with disabilities in all community education activities in Bloomington, Edina Prairie, Edina and Richfield. 

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