• Elementary EVA

    Visit the EVA Elementary Website for important dates, links, and information.

    Edina Virtual Academy for elementary students supports children’s development through experiential learning and inquiry. Learning offers authentic opportunities to focus on key concepts, knowledge, and skills. Learning engagements are fun and playful and emphasize interaction and creativity. Activities involve a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks designed to engage learners in experiences that connect to previous learning and the current curriculum. Students will be able to access their EVA coursework from their teachers using Seesaw in grades K-2, and on Schoology in grades 3-5.

    • Support services: When the student is receiving virtual support, instruction will be through a variety of synchronous and asynchronous methods. Case Managers will partner with families to create Contingency Learning Plans (CLPs) that will outline what programming and services will look like in Edina Virtual Academy.
    • Edina Virtual Academy Overview - Elementary

    Elementary EVA Coordinator

    Josh Jansen will be serving as the Elementary EVA Coordinator for the district. Josh previously worked as an Elementary Instructional Dean at Creek Valley Elementary School.

    Josh Jansen


    Elementary EVA Model

    EVA Logistics

    • Live Teaching: Students will participate in small and whole group Google Meets with their teachers and classmates.
    • Asynchronous Learning: Students will do asynchronous activities when they are not participating in live instruction.  These activities will build on what was accomplished during live instruction.
    • Feedback: Teachers will periodically provide direct feedback on assignments throughout the week.  In addition students may work with classmates to both give and deliver feedback to and from peers.
    • Communication: Staff will respond to questions or concerns in a reasonable time frame during their regularly scheduled preparation hours. 
    • School Hours: Students will follow their scheduled school hours created by  EVA teachers to maximize instruction and flexibility while meeting the developmental needs of all learners.
    • Wednesdays: Students will participate in asynchronous activities that are connected to essential learning in content areas.  This will build on what was accomplished at school.  Specialist classes will also be available asynchronously.
    • Specialist Classes: Students will participate in specialists’ classes (art, music, phy ed.) throughout the week..  Each class will have the same specialist for a three week period of time in order to allow students to experience live specialist lessons in a safe format delivered by these content area experts.
  • Elementary Learning Descriptors

    Technology Support

    For more information about Seesaw, Schoology, accessing internet, troubleshooting Chromebook issues, and other technology topics, visit our Technology page on the Family Dashboard. We have put together these resources to help support you as you navigate the move from learning in the classroom to learning at home.

    Logging In

    Students log in using their computer username and password into EdinaApps via the Portal (portal.edinaschools.org). Please contact your media specialist if you do not receive this at materials pickup or your student does not know their username and password.

    Bring to School Every Day

    • Filled water bottle
    • Wear a face covering, bring an extra
    • Your district-provided device, fully charged, along with the charger
    • Lunch (if not having school lunch)
    • Be sure to label all of the above with your name!


    • September 28 is a no school day for students - it is a professional development day for staff.
      • Tuesday and Wednesday will be Cohort A.
      • Thursday and Friday will be Cohort B.

    Online Connections and CollaborationGoogle Meet/Hangout Etiquette Guide

    During the school day, there will be time for independent learning as well as teacher office hours and live class meetings. Independent learning may also involve collaboration using our Google suite of tools, or truly independent work.

    During teacher office hours and live class meetings, teachers will post a link to a Google Meet meeting in Seesaw/Schoology that students can join to ask questions, or view a teacher seminar. Live class sessions will be recorded for later viewing. Here are some protocols around these Webinar type sessions to be aware of:

    For Students

    During our asynchronous learning days, you may be invited to join a live session with your teacher using Google Meet or Schoology Conferences. All online interaction is an extension of the physical classroom, and expectations of your behavior online is the same as what we would expect in the classroom.

    When joining a session, you should be in a public location of your home, not in a bedroom. After you join the meeting, you should have your microphone muted. If you would like to speak, we ask that you use the built in chat messaging to request to unmute. These actions will assist your teacher in facilitating the session and give you and your fellow students the best learning experience possible. Also, if you would prefer to join only by audio, you can place tape on your Webcam, or choose not to activate your camera when you join the meeting.

    For Parents

    During our asynchronous learning days, your child's teacher may offer "live" sessions using Google Meet and Schoology Conferences. These interactive services provide a chance for your child to connect with the teacher, ask questions and see classmates. The district sees these services as a valuable tool to allow your child and teacher the ability to maintain their relationship and enhance learning.

    The teacher will record the sessions and post to Schoology, so that if a student in the class cannot attend the session, students could view it at a later time.

    If you do not want your child's image to be displayed during these sessions, your child can either place tape on their webcam, or turn off the webcam when joining the session.