• Covid Protocol 
    Entering and exiting the stadium
      • All athletes must enter the stadium through the gate closest to Highway 100
      • All athletes must exit the stadium through the gate closest to South View
      • For those athletes who drive, they need to park in the lot closest to South View and take the sidewalk up to the main entrance for the beginning of sessions
      • For those athletes being driven, they can be dropped off at the entrance closest to 100 and picked up at the gate by South View.  We just ask you to do this quickly so we don't have a log jam.
      • Athletes must wear a mask to enter/exit the stadium
      • During the soccer sessions, athletes must wear the mask around their neck, and when sitting out for longer periods of time (mostly afternoon sessions) they will need to pull them back up
      • All coaches will be wearing masks when in close range of the athletes and entering/exiting stadium as well
      • All athletes must bring their own water bottle
      • All sessions will follow the MDH mandated 25/pod, including coaches.  We have 3 fields on the same campus so won't have any issues with room.
    • We are waiting on final word as to the numbers associated with this for the season
    • I should have an answer before the Green/White scrimmages on Thursday, 8/20 so we can say spectators or not