• Technology

    We have put together these resources to help support you as you navigate the move from learning in the classroom to learning at home.

    Accessing Internet

    We recommend families who have a need for internet work through the Comcast Internet Essentials program at https://apply.internetessentials.com/. Families who receive assistance in the form of FRPM and families attending Title One schools automatically qualify for high-speed internet at $9.95 / month. There is no activation cost. The timeline from application to service set up is approximately a week.

    Families who are unable to receive Internet Essentials but still have a need for assistance with internet access at home should contact support@edinaschools.org.

    Chromebook Boot Camp

    All students entering 6th grade are required to use a district-provided Chromebook. Students will receive dates and times for materials distribution from their school, including distribution of new technologies devices for incoming 6th graders. Families are required to complete a virtual boot camp in Schoology before using the device; more information including instructions for completion and troubleshooting can be found on a letter physically attached to the device.

    If your family is unable to attend materials distribution at your school, Chromebooks will be distributed at the Edina Community Center starting the week of the 31st. Please stay tuned for more information!

    General technology troubleshooting inquiries should be sent to support@edinaschools.org.

  • Technology

    IT Support

    Help Desk: 952-848-4915
    Technical Help: support@edinaschools.org
    Parent Portal or Campus Help:  parent.portal@edinaschools.org

    Click here to see the status of critical systems.

    Device Repair

    If you are having issues with a Chromebook, please review these primary troubleshooting steps first.

    If these initial steps do not resolve the issue and you require district-provided assistance, email support@edinaschools.org and complete the survey form that is emailed to you automatically. Instructions for pick-up/drop-off will be included in follow-up communication after completion of the survey.

    District Owned Devices

    If your student has a district issued device, we will collect the broken device and charger and provide you with a replacement device and charger. This device will now become your new long term loan device.

    Personal Devices

    At this time we will not be repairing personal devices due to supply issues from vendors. We will keep your ticket open and reach out to you at a future date to start the process for repairing personal devices. Until that time, your student will use the district-issued device.


  • Technology in the Home

    At Edina Public Schools, we understand no two children are the same and parenting strategies that work for one family may not work for another. Please review the resources listed on the "Technology at Home" web page. These resources are meant to be used as a toolkit that can assist with navigating commonly requested parenting strategies and information.

    Parenting in the Digital Age"Citizenship in the Digital Age" graphic from ISTE.org - used with permission.

    The delivery of education in Minnesota is heading into uncharted waters which brings great opportunities and responsibilities. Edina Public Schools will be implementing a hybrid learning model alongside Edina Virtual Academy, and students will be engaged in learning via technology. Be assured we have been modeling and educating your child on good digital citizenship. Indeed all of our schools are Certified Common Sense Schools for digital citizenship.

    We want to make sure you as parents are supported as well so your children can continue to make healthy choices around technology use. To that end, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our elearning2 resources that can assist you in these efforts.

    Participating Online

    We encourage you to talk as a family about how participating online will look like in your home. Keep in mind, that for some students, having a personal device will elicit feelings of freedom they have never experienced before, perhaps leading to unhealthy choices. Suggestions for guidelines include:

    • Finding a communal space in the home, free from distractions, for your child to complete their work.
    • When work is finished, and the device is no longer needed, put it away until the next day.
    • Reminding students that the devices are for school work, and school work only. Video watching, game playing, etc. should be connected to school work. Searching YouTube, playing Minecraft or Fortnite, streaming music, etc. would not be considered acceptable.
    • Any inappropriate use of technology will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Consequences could include the mandated use of monitored district technology for a determined time period. Please refer to the Edina Acceptable Use Policy 634.

    Acceptable Use Policy

    The Acceptable Use Policy covers all district technology, which include not only hardware (Chromebooks), but also software (Edina Apps accounts such as email and Google Docs). Students agreed to the policy at the beginning of the year and need to remember:

    • School email, while not used under normal circumstances, should at this time only be used to communicate with teachers, but for the most part should not be used at all (personal email addresses should be set up by parents for communication with friends, for example).
    • Documents created in Google Docs should be school related and school appropriate.
    • If using a school device, it is possible for the district to monitor usage.

    Also as always, if you have questions or concerns around student technology use, please feel free to reach out to your building dean, assistant principal, principals, or media specialist. We stand ready to partner with you on solutions.

    Healthy Digital Choices 

    Though there may be an increased reliance on technology in this upcoming school year, please remember we want everyone to practice healthy digital choices. Here are some suggestions to assist parents with technology use:

    • Have a Plan - See the AAP Family Media Plan as a great template.
    • Stay Informed - Understand how your family members are using technology and what are some of the trends with school technology use.
    • Set limits and expectations -Though there is a need for access to technology while your child undertakes distance learning, we also encourage that students step away from technology. We also do not recommend technology use in the bedrooms.
    • See inappropriate use - Stop It. Enough said.
    • Model positive online behavior - Sometimes adults are using technology in ways we would not want our students to be.
    • Balance! - Do something that is not technology related every day!