• EPS COVID Public Health Requirements for Indoor/Outdoor Activities

    Summer 2020

      1. Participants and staff will self-monitor for symptoms of COVID19 prior to each day and stay home when ill. Individuals with any symptoms will be isolated and sent home. Individuals may return to EPS if MDH illness exclusion guidelines are met.
      2. Participants and staff are expected to cover a cough, wash hands with soap /water or use hand sanitizer before and after each activity, and practice social distance requirements.
      3. Use of face coverings will follow MDH Guidance, including Emergency Executive Order 20-81 Requiring Minnesotans to Wear a Face Covering in Certain Settings to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.
      4. Participants WILL supply their own equipment and personal items. Discourage sharing of equipment as much as possible. If sharing has to occur, consider the equipment and type of use, equipment must be cleaned between each use. Items required by participants may include things such as water bottles (prefilled), clothing, shoes, equipment (balls, bats, gloves, rackets, mats), towels, and hand sanitizer. There will be no access to locker rooms and changing areas. 
      5. EPS custodial staff WILL clean and sanitize per MDH guidelines. Additional cleaning will be completed by Coach / Instructor as required by the specific program.
      6. Participants WILL be assigned to a specific area and maintain social distancing within that area.  Areas assigned may include a basketball hoop, court, or gym space.
      7. Activity schedules WILL be staggered between groups to allow for social distancing practices. Parents / guardians will not enter the building at drop off or pick up.
      8. Coach or Instructor WILL organize a schedule and communicate the time for each group. A player/participants time slot WILL remain consistent, participants are not allowed to switch groups. The group size WILL meet established guidelines from the MDH Guidelines for Social Distancing in Youth Sports


    Updated 7/25/2020