• Strategic Plan Development Process

    High school students enjoying cocoa and cram session The 2020-2025 Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan has been developed through the following participative planning process:

    Step 1: Assess District STATUS

    August 2018 - December 2018

    • Stakeholder Input: Meetings and surveys were conducted to seek views and advice about the current status and future needs of the district from parents, students, teachers, staff and district community members.
    • Data collection: Key information from various sources was gathered to inform future directions including a District Overview, Peer District Comparisons, and National Trends and Issues.

    Step 2: Develop District DIRECTIONS

    January 2019 - January 2020

    • Draft Directions Development: Based on the findings and conclusions of the stakeholder input and data collection, the School Board worked with staff input to draft the 2020 – 2025 Edina Public Schools directions, including the mission, vision, values and beliefs, and priority strategies.
    • Stakeholder Review: District parents, students, teachers, staff and community members were invited to review and evaluate the draft directions and provide feedback in online and on-site forums.
    • Directions Refinement: The School Board examined the stakeholder input and revised the draft strategic directions based on the feedback and advice to develop the January 2020 draft directions document for discussion.
    • Approval of Strategic Directions: The Edina Public Schools Draft Strategic Directions were approved at the February School Board meeting including the mission, vision, core values and beliefs, priority strategies and expected outcomes.

    Step 3: Initiate the 2020-2025 STRATEGIC PLAN

    January 2020 - Spring 2020

    • Implementation Plan Development: Staff leaders worked with the School Board to develop an action roadmap for achieving the strategic directions including:
      • Actions: Specific short and long-term initiatives and action steps.
      • Resources: Projection of time, human, physical and/or financial resources to support action
      • Process metrics: Benchmarks for measuring implementation progress and success.
    • Approval and launch of the Strategic Plan: The 2020-2025 EPS Strategic plan will be reviewed and discussed at the May School Board Meeting and approved at the June School Board Meeting to guide EPS district development 2020 – 2025 with procedures for coordinating, steering and monitoring strategic implementation.