• Class of 2020 Big Idea Project

  • Thinking Cap  

    Class of 2020 - you have a challenge before you. Governor Walz spoke to all Minnesota students in his press briefing on April 24 and he had specific remarks for you. He said that the Class of 2020 is experiencing life in a way that none of us have and this will shape how you think about the things you do in the future. Further, he said that your class will be remembered for unique ties for helping to solve a world pandemic.

    And that’s the challenge we want to place before you.

    Edina High School Class of 2020 Big Idea!

    Challenge: Seniors will brainstorm creative solutions for how in a social distancing/distance learning world, Edina High School can maintain:

    • Academic rigor
    • Support for students
    • Relationships (student to student, student to teacher)
    • Wellness (for students and staff)

    Students may work individually or in teams. Ideas will be shared using “Hornet Hunt for Big Ideas” - icon in the portal

    Teams will:

    • Brainstorm ideas
    • Create a list and cull the best ideas from the list
    • Present one idea from their list
    • Project submissions will include a list of brainstormed ideas as well as a final idea product

    Team formation/composition:

    • Ideal team size is 3-5 students
    • Includes students with diverse perspectives
    • Encourages varied/multiple perspectives

    Project guidelines:

    • Must include a list of all brainstormed ideas and chose the best of all the ideas
    • Ideas are well communicated, using proper grammar and spelling
    • Ideas are people-centered
    • Ideas incorporate a wide variety of thoughts and diverse perspectives
    • Ideas are positive and inspirational
    • Consider the prompt with the Challenge bullets listed above: 
      • How might we <action> <what> for <whom> in order to <change something> 

    Additional details:
    The winning team is eligible for a $2,000 prize

    How to brainstorm:


    Ted Talk: How To Come Up with Good Ideas


    How to use Hornet Big Hunt for Ideas


  • Timeline

    May 11 - Project shared with students

    May 12-13 - Community mentor available to meet with students online. Email Sara Swenson for contact details

    May 22 - Projects due by 11:59 pm

    May 23-25 - Teachers review submissions and choose which move forward

    May 27 - Seniors vote for the winning idea

    May 28 - Big Idea winner announced



    Email: Sara Swenson, EHS Media Specialist