• 2020-25 Strategic Plan Overview


    Edina Public Schools is a dynamic learning community delivering educational excellence and preparing all students to realize their full potential.

    Through academics, activities and opportunities, we encourage creativity, foster curiosity, and develop critical thinking skills. We support every student's educational journey by creating a caring and inclusive school culture that supports the whole student. 


    For each and every student to discover their possibilities and thrive.

    Core Values

    We are guided by our Core Values: Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Appreciation and Responsibility

    Priority Strategies

Edina Public Schools provides our students with access to a comprehensive curriculum that develops critical thinking skills and dispositions, and assures students are ready for their next level and the challenges and opportunities in the next phase of life.

1. Design and deliver curriculum, instruction and assessment focused on content rigor, critical thinking, student engagement and continuous improvement to assure academic achievement and student growth.

2. Provide a coherent and differentiated educational experience that effectively engages, appropriately challenges every student academically.

3. Provide expanded, timely and effective interventions for students based on data and individual needs, through all school phases, Pre-K- 12 and throughout the school year.

4. Implement a review of all literacy programs at EPS.

5. Provide robust early childhood education.

EPS welcomes, respects, supports and values everyone so students can learn effectively, develop a deeper understanding of complex issues and become empowered to contribute to the school community.

1. Create learning environments and curricula that enable staff and students to learn from and reflect on their own and others’ experiences; explore multiple perspectives; practice civil discourse; encourage empathy; create interpersonal connections and embrace diverse identities.

2. Create a school culture that enhances learning and fosters a sense of belonging for all students through our values of Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Appreciation and Responsibility.

3. Support equity by identifying and eliminating structural barriers to success.

4. Support and retain quality, culturally competent staff with increasingly diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

EPS fosters a caring school environment where students feel safe physically and emotionally, in order to be fully engaged in their academic, personal and social growth.

1. Ensure students acquire and apply the social emotional competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making to promote student wellness.

2. Assure students have the opportunity to participate in robust extracurricular and co curricular opportunities.

3. Provide students with skills for healthy lifestyles including living effectively with technology and ensure access to participate in K -12 wellness programs.

4. Create environments that are conducive to learning and facilitate constructive student interaction.

5. Increase the mental health support provided by caring adults.

6. Complete a comprehensive review of technology used by students and staff.

Edina Public Schools continuously develops innovative, committed and exemplary leadership at all levels and from all constituencies, student and adult.

1. Identify, develop and recognize adult leaders throughout the district.

2. Provide robust and balanced professional development.

3. Develop students as leaders, encourage student voice and promote civic engagement.

4. Develop and maintain a culture of continuous improvement based on evidence.

5. Provide strategy and direction for predicted enrollment and demographic trends while retaining current students.

Edina Public Schools works in partnership with parents, students, staff, alumni and community to serve as a reflection of Edina’s strong commitment to education.

1. Provide engagement opportunities and information about Edina Public Schools to the community so that all community members feel connected and know how to contribute to our collective success.

2. Build upon the robust community education opportunities and offerings for all learners(Prek-Adult).

3. Ensure all students and their families are engaged and well-served by the communications and all other interactions with EPS.

4. Leverage partnerships with community groups, businesses, local and state government agencies and individuals to strengthen and foster relationships with EPS.

5. Ensure strong financial stewardship and provide information that is accessible to all members of our community and demonstrates and promotes the value of an Edina education.

6. Create assessment data dashboard.

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    Core Beliefs

    Academic Excellence: We believe each student deserves access to academic excellence which includes challenging and rich curricula, high expectations, and inspiring instruction that meets their individual needs.

    Equity: We believe it is critical to eliminate barriers to success and provide the supports, opportunities and environments so all students can reach their full potential.

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    Family, School and Community Collaboration: We believe students learn best when students, families, educators and the community partner to provide dynamic support and share responsibility for learning.

    Healthy Learning Environment: We believe students thrive in a balanced, healthy environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas and support students' physical, social-emotional and intellectual needs.

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    Inclusion: We believe in the inherent dignity of all people, we celebrate individuality, and we value and appreciate diversity.

    Life Skills: We believe that inspiring students to grow as critically-thinking collaborative learners will prepare them to be productive, accountable, self-motivated and responsible citizens.

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    Operational Excellence: We believe in high performance of governance, administration and partnerships, and effective and efficient use of time, human, financial and physical resources in support of the mission.

    Professional Excellence: We believe our educators and staff are essential to student success. We value and support them in advancing strategic and innovative initiatives grounded in best practices.

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