Movin' on to Middle School

  • Welcome to middle school at Edina Public Schools! We know moving from elementary school to middle school can be challenging, but this webpage is intended to ensure that your child will have a smooth transition into sixth grade. Here you will find helpful tips, resources, and information that will ease the transition into middle school.

  • Ask a Middle School Counselor 

    Middle school counselors address frequently asked questions about middle school.

  • FAQ: How do counselors assist middle school students?

    School counselors work to support students in a multitude of ways which generally fall into the categories of personal/social, academic, and career development needs. Much of our work is driven by the developmental stage of the students we work with. At the middle school level this means the majority of time is spent helping students with academic and personal/social concerns.

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  • Advice and Resources

    Parents and community resources offer tips and advice for making a smooth transition.

  • On the Book Shelf

    Recommended books by VVMS Media Specialist Heather Palmer and SVMS Media Specialist Robert Diehl that help with adjusting to middle school.

  •  Save Me a Seat

    Save Me a Seat

    by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan Year Published: 2016

    Joe and Ravi might be from very different places, but they're both stuck in the same place: SCHOOL.

    Joe's lived in the same town all his life, and was doing just fine until his best friends moved away and left him on his own.

    Ravi's family just moved to America from India, and he's finding it pretty hard to figure out where he fits in.

    Joe and Ravi don't think they have anything in common — but soon enough they have a common enemy (the biggest bully in their class) and a common mission: to take control of their lives over the course of a single crazy week.

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  •  I am Drums

    I Am Drums

    by Mike Grosso Year Published: 2016

    Sam knows she wants to be a drummer. But she doesn’t know how to afford a drum kit, or why budget cuts end her school’s music program, or why her parents argue so much, or even how to explain her dream to other people. 

    But drums sound all the time in Sam’s head, and she’d do just about anything to play them out loud—even lie to her family if she has to. Will the cost of chasing her dream be too high?  

    An exciting new voice in contemporary middle grade, Mike Grosso creates a determined heroine readers will identify with and cheer for.

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  •  A Good Kind of Trouble

    A Good Kind of Trouble

    by Lisa Moore Ramée Year Published: 2019

    Twelve-year-old Shayla is allergic to trouble. All she wants to do is to follow the rules. (Oh, and she’d also like to make it through seventh grade with her best friendships intact, learn to run track, and have a cute boy see past her giant forehead.)

    But in junior high, it’s like all the rules have changed. Now she’s suddenly questioning who her best friends are and some people at school are saying she’s not black enough. Wait, what?

    Shay’s sister, Hana, is involved in Black Lives Matter, but Shay doesn't think that's for her. After experiencing a powerful protest, though, Shay decides some rules are worth breaking. She starts wearing an armband to school in support of the Black Lives movement. Soon everyone is taking sides. And she is given an ultimatum.

    Shay is scared to do the wrong thing (and even more scared to do the right thing), but if she doesn't face her fear, she'll be forever tripping over the next hurdle. Now that’s trouble, for real.

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  • Technology Update

    All incoming sixth grade families will learn about appropriate technology use, troubleshooting, and an overview of Infinite Campus, Schoology, and other Edina apps.

    Watch for more information.

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