• Health & Wellness

    Medical, Health and Accident Insurance

    The district does not purchase medical, health or accident insurance for students. If a student has an accident, becomes ill, or is injured while at school or participating in district-sponsored activities, families will need to access their own insurance plans to cover any associated costs (e.g. medical care, emergency transportation). The district cannot pay these associated costs. Questions about insurance can be directed to John Toop, director of business services at 952-848-4916 or john.toop@edinaschools.org.

    Emergency Services Fees

    Should a student or staff member experience a medical emergency while in the district, emergency medical services and/or ambulance transportation is provided by the Edina Fire Department. For more information about emergency services and fees, please review this letter from Edina Fire Chief Tom Schmitz.

  • If you do not have insurance...

    Many resources for children and families are available at the Minnesota Department of Human Resources website. Visit mn.gov/DHS, or call the DHS Information Desk:

    • English 651-431-2000
    • Af Soomaali 888-547-8829
    • Español 888-428-3438