• Volunteer Spotlight: Connecting Classroom Learning to the Real World

    As we navigate this fluid school year, some things remain constant: our community’s commitment to supporting our students, teachers and schools. Our community’s desire to connect with students. Our community’s interest in connecting classroom learning to the real world. So, as Edina Public Schools have flexed to a more virtual learning environment, it’s no surprise that the volunteers and organizations we traditionally rely on to share their expertise through the Curriculum Resources Program have found creative ways to continue their involvement in classroom learning. 

    In November, Shelley Buck, President of the Prairie Island Tribal Council and Erica Allenburg, Chair of the Edina School Board, made virtual presentations to Edina 4th graders. Enhancing government units tied to Social Studies curriculum, Shelley and Erica shared details about their roles as elected officials including terms of their service, decision and policy-making procedures, representing constituents, and more. “While the 2020-21 school year has presented us with a new set of barriers and challenges to stay connected, we are grateful to our community resources who have flexed with us to provide such a rich educational opportunity in a virtual format. It has been wonderful to see the relationships and connections between the classrooms and the wider community continue” said Carynn Roehrick, Community Resources and Volunteer Program Manager. 

    The Edina Fire Department has been a long-standing Curriculum Resources partner, annually providing important fire safety tips to keep children and their families safe. Given current restrictions, which also prohibit the Fire Department from hosting their tours, these public servants got creative in order to stay connected and share their invaluable messages. Thanks to a new resource page with links and videos, anyone can now tour the station any time, see a fire truck, learn about firefighter gear, and more. With the holiday season upon us, we invite all Edinans to go back to school and brush up on fire safety tips for cooking, candles, Christmas trees and holiday lights. Videos and tip sheets for all ages can be found on the Edina Fire Department’s Fire Safety & Education page.

    Thank you to all our volunteers who help keep learning fresh, meaningful and relevant.