• 2021 Freestyle/Greco Season

    Welcome to the 4th year of our Edina Wrestling Freestyle/Greco Club! We have high expectations for the season, and we are excited to start back up! With four years under our belt, we have had great success and have built an awesome training atmosphere. Our program has assisted in producing State Qualifiers in the 2018 and 2019 Spring/Summer seasons.
    Our goal is to create an even stronger presence in the state of Minnesota and to get our athletes to be competitive at the national level. 

    Who: 3rd-12th grade wrestlers from around the area (wrestlers split based on age)

    What: Freestyle and Greco instruction, technique and live wrestling
    Where: Edina High School Wrestling Room
    When: April 12 – June 9, 2021 (No practice during Spring Break or School Holidays)
    Practice Times:
    · Grades 3-5: 6-7pm Mondays & Wednesdays

    · Grades 6-12: 7-8:15pm Mondays & Wednesdays
    Cost: $100
    Registration Link: https://edina-wrestling-association.sportngin.com/register/form/180016242

    **Must have a current MN/USA Card**
    Obtain card through USA Wrestling: https://www.usawmembership.com/login
    *Note: USA wrestling card is mandatory to cover our insurance requirements for the facilities. Ordering Online is easiest and you can print your card once registered. We will also have paper forms available during registration.

    Please bring Registration form, USA wavier, and USA wrestling card to practice

    Luis Nebel

    The Edina Wrestling Club would love to have your wrestler sign-up and expand their knowledge and abilities. We are excited for the Spring wrestling season to get started!


    Off-season wrestling (Freestyle/Greco) opens more opportunities in the wrestling world and allows more visibility to college coaches to notice the potential of the wrestlers. Although we use the term “off-season” for Freestyle/Greco many wrestlers treat this season as an extension of their regular season due to the accelerated progression it can bring to their wrestling career. Freestyle/Greco are the styles of wrestling you will see in the Summer Olympics and are the primary styles used throughout the rest of the world (compared to Folkstyle wrestling, that is used in High School and Collegiate wrestling).

    The rules were simplified last year with success when wrestling was saved from removal from the Olympics. Freestyle and Greco start in March right after the Folkstyle season and are a lot of fun but are also extremely beneficial for all wrestlers. In short, with one major exception, the rules of Freestyle and Greco are almost identical. Both styles are very aggressive and focus of getting both wrestlers to their feet and to attack.

    In Greco Roman, a wrestler may not attack his opponent's legs, nor may he use his own legs to trip, lift or execute other moves. The wrestlers must wrestle from standing without the top of his head against his opponent's chest. It's very different and seriously fun.

    In Freestyle, it is closer to Folkstyle in so far as both the arms and legs may be used to execute holds or to defend against attack, however, wrestlers are brought to their feet after about 15 seconds of no scoring. Since control isn't key, the bottom wrestler isn't expected to do anything but aggressively lay flat and try not to get turned. Another difference related to control is the ability in Freestyle to score points without having control of your opponent. With some moves such as tilts, tips, front headlock rolls and crotch lifts while under attack, wrestlers can score continuously without ever gaining control.


    Yes, yes, yes!! Wrestling is fun win or lose--but let's face it, it's even more fun if you win. First year or 10th year -- the way to win is to believe in yourself and outwork everyone. Whether you are experienced or just getting started, the Edina Wrestling Club is a wrestlers highway to outworking everyone, improving skills and gaining confidence.


    Without any doubt because you'll be competing against some of the best, sharpening your technique, gaining confidence and serious outright dominance on your feet as well as gaining experience winning and losing close matches. Here's the detail:

    Freestyle/Greco helps you find the best competition. The best wrestlers and teams will be at off-season Freestyle & Greco tournaments and that is who you want to compete against if you want to win state. No matter what level, if you are training to beat the best, take on the best and go for that title. If you are a member of the Edina Wrestling Club, you will be separating yourself from the pack.

    Freestyle and Greco helps you sharpen your technique. Most of the Folkstyle fundamentals it takes to be a State Champion are very important in Freestyle and Greco. Striving to be successful in the spring will solidify the techniques and strategies that are essential in fall and winter Folkstyle. For example, you will learn to: improve the explosiveness of your shots, finish shots quickly, control your opponent, use the edge of the mat, clear out of those nasty front headlocks, use a tight waist effectively and improve hand fighting skills.

    Freestyle and Greco help you to learn how to win close matches. The fact that it is easier to score on your opponent forces you to be sharp at all times. The key to breaking your opponent is scoring points. In a Folkstyle match, the wider the point spread the easier it gets to score points. When your opponent feels the match is getting away from him, he just doesn't fight as hard. In Freestyle and Greco it is much harder to break your opponent and he is more likely to come at you hard the entire time. Wrestlers who compete in a lot of highly competitive Freestyle and Greco matches learn to use their minds by wrestling smart, control their opponent, hand fight, stay in great position, stay in great shape and wrestle tough the entire match. These skills will take your Folkstyle to the next level and you will learn to master the art of wing close matches. The Folkstyle wrestlers who win State Titles and other big matches win the close matches. There is no better training ground to winning close matches than on the mats of the Edina Wrestling Club