Profile of an Edina Learner

  • Edina Public Schools has identified six key skills and competencies that expand on academic learning. Through high expectations, access to rigorous academics and diverse opportunities in arts, extracurricular activities and community involvement, Edina Public Schools learners are prepared for college, career and life.

    An Edina Public School Learner is…

    A responsible, engaged citizen who

    • Demonstrates a high level of integrity and ethical action
    • Applies knowledge and education for the good of the community
    • Demonstrates empathy, compassion and open-mindedness
    • Accepts responsibility for personal choices and actions, and learns from mistakes

    An effective communicator and collaborator who

    • Communicates effectively as a listener, speaker and writer
    • Possesses strong social and interpersonal skills, including verbal, non-verbal and conflict resolution skills
    • Works effectively with others in academic and social settings, both as a leader and a contributor

    A globally competent individual who

    • Possesses a diverse and informed world perspective, including understanding of world geography, history, economics, social issues, cultures, political structures, and environmental conditions
    • Communicates effectively in at least two world languages, one of which is English
    • Embraces individual and cultural diversity and actively seeks multicultural interactions

    An innovative thinker and creator who

    • Demonstrates proficiency in multiple literacies, including a variety of academic and technological disciplines
    • Thinks and produces creatively, both collaboratively and independently
    • Demonstrates intellectual curiosity by applying original solutions to problems or challenges
    • Critically analyzes and evaluates information sources

    A motivated life-long learner who

    • Understands own needs as a learner and advocates appropriately
    • Persists when faced with challenge or adversity
    • Actively sets personal learning goals and self-monitors progress
    • Values continuous learning and seeks opportunities for growth

    A well-rounded person who

    • Actively maintains a healthy, balanced lifestyle through informed choices
    • Adapts to new and challenging situations and environments
    • Commits to their own physical, social and emotional well-being
    • Demonstrates knowledge of essential life skills and resources